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An Overview Of Storage Unit Auctions

If you’ve seen any of the reality TV shows featuring auction hunters in the United States, I bet you’re pretty excited to learn about how you can get in on the action, too. Well, storage unit auctions have been around for quite some time now, but it’s only recently that people have begun paying more attention to the potential profits of a well-stocked storage unit.
Why does it happen?

Many people wonder why private companies are auctioning off storage units. Well, the answer is simple: the original renters of the storage units have not been good customers. If the monthly rental payments have not been forthcoming, storage unit companies have no other choice but to levy a foreclosure on the storage units.
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If the renters still don’t pay their dues, the private company that owns the storage facility will announce a storage unit auction in the local papers. Once word gets out that two or three storage units are up for grabs, both novice and seasoned auction hunters flock to the scene.

Sometimes, an auction will get cancelled half an hour before it is set to begin, because the original renters suddenly arrive to pay their monthly rental. Storage unit companies cannot continue an auction if the renter pays up; in such cases, all auction hunters must move on to the next storage unit that is up for auction.

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