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Tutorials - Understanding Your Klout Score and Profile
[box color="purple-vibrant" type="square" icon="help"]Tutorials - Understanding Your Klout Score and Profile[/box] Gday everyone and welcome back to Tutorial Wednesday. Last week we covered how to get started with Klout and as promised... what-is-a-klout-score we are continuing on with our Klout series by looking at how to understand your Klout score and profile...so let's get on with that.... At first glance, Klout can be a little overwhelming. There’s data everywhere, different kinds of feeds, different people and different categories. How do you make sense of all the data available to you? Here’s everything you need to know about making sense of your Klout profile. Step 1: Your Klout Dashboard

The first screen you see when you log in is your Klout dashboard. This dashboard has your Klout score, links to your social media profiles and your latest social media interactions all in a feed.

Your dashboard is visible only to you and not the public.

  Step 2: Accessing Your Score Summary

To learn more about your Klout score, click “Show My Score Summary” in the upper right corner.

  On the top you’ll have your score changes. This is a great indicator of whether your influence is increasing or decreasing.     On the lower left you can see what percentage of your influence comes from Facebook or Twitter.     Next to that you have a more specific breakdown of your stats.     Step 3: Add Topics

Adding topics you’re influential about allows Klout to rank you in those topics. If you don’t add yourself, even if you’re an expert in that topic, you’re not going to get the benefit of being ranked in Klout’s top influencer lists for that topic.

  You can manually choose which topics you want to add by going to “See More” in your profile, then clicking “Add a Topic.”     Step 4: Understanding Klout Profiles

A Klout profile consists of a few main parts. First, you have their name and “About” section. This gives you their Klout score, links to other social media profiles and a short blurb about them.


Then, you have the person’s “moments.” These are the social media updates posted by that person that got the most activity over the last 90 days.     To check out who your (or anyone else’s) top influencers are, just look to the left sidebar. Your top influencers will be sorted by Klout score.     Step 5: Perks

Perks are special benefits given to people with certain Klout scores. For example, a mobile phone company might give free phones to people with Klout scores above 85 in hopes that they might blog or tweet about the phone.

To access the perks that you qualify for, click “Perks” under your dropdown name menu.

  Browse the various perks that you qualify for. If you find a perk you’d like to claim, just click “Claim This Perk!”     Step 6: Friends and Lists

To see your friends’ Klout score, click “Friends” from the upper right dropdown menu.

  You can sort your friends by alphabetical order or by Klout score by clicking the respective sorting options along the top.     Step 7: Lists

Lists make it easy for you to divide your friends into different categories.

For example, you can sort your business friends from your hiking friends from your favorite bloggers.

This makes it easy for you to track Klout scores and Klout profiles for all the different kinds of people in your life.

To create a new list, click “Create a New List” on the left hand side of your “Friends” page.

  On the left, add the people you want on the list to your list. On the right, give your list a name and a description.     Once you’ve saved your lists, you can come back anytime and just click on one of your lists on the left to see everyone who’s in that list.     These are the most important features Klout has to offer at the moment. You now know how to see all your posts, your most influential posts, to see how your Klout score was broken down as well as your growth over time. You also know how to use perks and how to sort your friends. I am sure that Klout will evolve even further over time and change how it works to keep pace with social currencies. In the meantime you can come back and see me next Wednesday for the last in our Klout series. Stay tuned for my next post on Friday which will be another Top 10 List for you! Stay coolies till we meet again my friends :) Kym-Robinsons-Blog-Signature           join in the conversation by leaving a comment and if you liked todays post, how about sharing it with your friends? all the buttons are below for your convenience – thanks in advance!


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