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Increase Brain Power Information

The question is do you want to increase your brain power? If you really do, then you have to remember it cannot be achieved overnight but you can definitely get quick results if you work on it regularly. To build your brain power it has been likened to building your muscles like in a ‘work out’ you need to exercise your brain frequently if you want it to get bigger,better and stronger.

Brain Power Strategies

Below are some brain building tips to start you off on the right track.

Play games and solve puzzles – The latest research has pointed out that games can definitely be quite effective in stimulating and challenging the human mind. Aside from video games and other conventional games like chess, you can also try solving puzzles (crosswords, Sudoku and others).

It seems that the more challenging the game is, the more your brain works to find solutions for you. Then when the brain is challenged, it creates extra neural connections and adapts to the renewed need to process complicated information. Some gaming consoles in the market can offer excellent puzzles games. If you choose a gaming console it should be the one that would be the most enjoyable for you.

Try being two-handed – In general most people usually work with just one dominant hand. So people are known as ‘left handed’ or ‘right handed’. This is done largely out of convenience.

Did you know that people can actually become ambidextrous? Both hands can be used for drawing, writing, etc. You should try teaching yourself to become two handed. You’d be surprised how hard the brain will work to ‘teach’ your other hand the tasks that are normally only for your dominant hand. You may not succeed immediately, but the important thing is you are constantly trying to learn something new.

Enjoy and appreciate ambiguities – Quite often, people stick to their comfort zones in terms of food, clothing and even in the things that they take notice of. Try to step out of your mental comfort zone and look for things that are completely out of this world. Just for a change, try reading more fiction books so that you will widen your creative horizons. You can even embrace the strange and try to learn from new experiences.

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