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Here are Some Results from Our Guaranteed Click Solos
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Here are Some Results from Our Guaranteed Click Solos

We are getting some amazing results from
our Solo Ad Service At Sokule. See Below

Amazing Solo Ad Service Targeted and Guaranteed Clicks

Wait until you See This


New...Solo Ad runs to targeted categories

Guranteed Visitors rate of at least 10%

We run your ad until it gets at least
a 10% click through rate.

Your solo ad will go right to the contact
emails of Sokule members in the category of
your choice.

You can purchase a single ad run or lock
in a monthly subscription.

This is so really neat.

To order a solo ad run. Log into your Sokule account
or sign up to Sokule if you are not yet a member


Go to Advertise on Sokule in the members area.

And you will see the new Solo ad Service
right there.

Go get um

Jane Mark
Sokule Inc

PS You must be a member of Sokule to use
order this solo ad service so sign up here
to Sokule.


And when you log in, go to the Advertise
section in the members area (line 5 on the
left hand side menu)

Here are some recent results

Username Wealthmaker6492 order a small
300 mailing and got 262 click throughs

Usename Socrates orderd a run to 10,000
and got 2562 click throughs

Username angelheld ordered a mailing
to 1000 and got 222 click throughs

Username LarryJf order a 500 mailing
and got 266 clickthroughs

Username davidriewe order a 2000 mailing
and got 439 click throughs

These are really amazing results.
You will see them right in your sokule
members area when your ad is run.

Try it. You'll like it.

I use this service all the time and
when I ordered a 3000 mailing I got
1211 click throughs.


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