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4 Traffic Types From Brad Webb, SOTAM Co-Founder.

Hello Fellow Marketer,

As one of the Co-Founders of
one of the largest and most active mailers on the net, I'm
often approached and asked what other traffic systems
I use.

My answer.....

You see, instead of focusing on what traffic system works

the best, you should be focusing on
finding and joining
all different kinds of traffic systems!

There are many different types of website traffic and
many more creative methods are being created daily.

The main four I use are:   

Direct traffic (Mailers, Traffic Exchanges)
2) Passive traffic (Banner Ads, Text Ads, Toolbar Ads)
3) Search engine traffic
4) Viral traffic

The word viral is thrown around a lot but when it 

comes to advertising, I use this simple phrase...
Any advertising process that you begin and others

Over the years I've joined several viral websites and

have built up some sizeable downlines in many of them.
Most still continue to net me sign ups and sales.

One such system is the
250,000 Fr ee Visitors site
I've been in for years with just over
1,600 downline
. Fr ee or upgraded, it's an effective viral
system to include in your overall marketing arsenal.

I mainly use it for my viral marketing but I also

upgraded for the one-time low price and earn
commissions 10 Levels down
which is pretty cool.

Join now and add this to your advertising tools.



Brad Webb



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