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For 23 Bucks You DO Not Want To Be a Wannabe Founder
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For 23 Bucks You DO Not Want To Be a Wannabe Founder

If you did not yet upgrade to founder
at this new site for 23 bucks, you
are listed in my back office as a Wannabe

It is never a good idea to be a wannabe
anything but at 23 bucks (one time payment)
you definately do not want to be a wannabe

You don't have much time. This founding
membership offer is limited.

Finally you have a chance to get into
a site from the get go before the world
hears about it and you can get in for
a song.

I grabbed my founding membership instantly
when I saw this. 23 bucks 1 time payment.


You can become founder for 23 bucks 1 time payment
Get in now. The Site launches soon and now is
your chance to get in early.

This is one you will want to move on right now.

Passive Income
Social Marketing Site
EVERYONE gets Paid
Everyone helps everyone.

I like that!!!

This is your chance to get in early for a
change at a site right from the get go.

Credit cards accepted.

100% of all members earn commissions EVERY 6 Days
This is not dependent on ANYTHING anyone does ... at


This is 100% passive earnings paid out to EVERYONE by

the company.

This is worth saying again.

100% of all members earn commissions EVERY 6 Days



There will be conference calls for members

For 23 bucks, you do not want to miss out on
this one.

Founding Memberships are limited so grab this
while you can

Get in now


Jane Mark
Sokule Inc

PS: Anyone joining under me and upgrading
their account today to founder will get
1 million sokens at Sokule. (Value 1270.00)

This is a win win for you so grab it today

Sign up here

Pay the 23 bucks

Then send me your full name, your payment receipt
for your founder position and your Sokule username


Please allow 24 to 48 hours for your account
to be credited with your sokens.

PPS If you would like to read about the
the founder of Ultimate Power Profits, you
can find his bio right here. His name is
Scotty evans and he has quite an impressive





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