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This will only take a Moment...
I promise to make this brief...

The other day I received an email with an assigned to be done. It was a pre-written post, a swipe copy, to be copied and pasted within Facebook.

Simple little task that led the reader to the longer post on Empower Network's main blog, that all members can have their id attached to.

There is a method to this madness (having almost everyone posting the same thing) and I will follow the method and do the assignments as instructed - WHY? - because...


Another part of the assignment was to write our own post about why I joined the Empower Network. I made a post with this subject when I first joined EN as directed through one of the first training videos, so I did not do it again late that night. Today I had to remind myself that no matter how late - do the assignments. They are just that important. WHY...because


So, I completed the other part of the assignment along with the many people who were just seeing it for the first time --- this is a global business with members posting in their own time zones, sending messages around the world, around the clock!

It felt good!... Being part of a network of people all working vigorously to ensure their vision of the future becomes a reality. Small daily assignments...Large rewards!

So, bottom line...

If you can follow simple instructions
If you can follow 8 Core Steps within Empower Network
If you have a vision for a brighter future, even if it's kinda dim right now...

Then take a real close look at Empower Network (I mean under the tabs at top and the banner to the side). Don't let fear lead you down the wrong path... Yeah I pulled out my Star Wars I, II & III this past weekend! Now I remember why I loved the original Star Wars ( IV, V & VI) best - Anakin just got on nerves too bad in II & III (LOL). Hey that's another blog post, another time!

Everyone has something they would like to talk about. Mix it up. Stay on the same subject. Promote your other business(es). Have a grand old time making money from blogging, and...

...Smile a Lot!

Thank you for taking a few moments to read this. I hope you will click through some of links and start having a bit of fun, or more fun and excitement depending on where you are in your marketing career.

Deborah Crayton, 

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