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I'm getting crazy conversions with this

I have a really quick update on Bweeble. 

I decided to use a tracker to track my last ad and here are my stats:

175 Clicks 4 Signups = 2.29% conversion!

It gets my vote!


And Bweeble has only just started!

Imagine when you can send to 8,000 instead of 3,000!  That would mean 9 more signups!

What would 9 signups do for YOUR usiness?  Imagine 9 signups every 2 days?

It's possible when you upgrade to platinum like I did.

Signup and consider it, skype me at janetlegere and let's talk about why you want Bweeble in your advertising arsenal!

Till then, continue to have an amazing day, chat soon,

Janet Legere
Skype janetlegere

You can trust my recommendations because I do the testing for you :-)

It's ok .. go ahead and join Bweeble today .. you will thank me


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