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New Approach to Internet Marketing

I don't know about you but I get lost  in the sea of emails that I receive

everyday.  Some are so long and chatty that I just delete.  I am using

a different approach with the email marketing.  I am not selling anything.

I am simple inviting people to visit my blog, Linda's Marketing Tips  where

I share some of my marketing experiences, offer tips and some interesting

things that I do in my personal life.

Today I posted a new entry about a social marketing technique that works well

on Facebook.  

I am done sending emails that probably never get opened.  I have a new subject,

"Just a blog post"

I am always looking for a better way to share with everyone. 


Linda Huggins is an innovative network marketer and a proud Sisel Brand Distributor

->   http://lhug.mysiselpro.com

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