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For Those Of Us Who Hate Waiting In Line
This will resonate with those that are standing in the internet marketing line - you know who you are! There was huge furore in the British press recently about queueing at airport passport control. Usually, the Brits are known for their polite, even enthusiastic fondness for standing in line… but it seems that very same line has finally been crossed. What’s happening is this: internet marketing border Instead of getting off the plane…a quick check at passport control… and then off to collect your luggage…... Thousands of tired and frustrated travellers are having to wait for up to three hours or more for their passports to be verified. Absolutely ridiculous I am sure you will agree. But, not is all as it seems! If you have the money, £1,800 (around $2,800) in fact… You can avoid all this nonsense altogether. At London's Heathrow airport they offer a special “By Invitation” service whereby a personal chauffeur driven limousine will transport you and up to five of your guests straight from the aeroplane to a private suite. There, you can relax and enjoy coffee, biscuits and peruse a selection of newspapers and magazines served by your own waitress… While your passports are checked in a matter of minutes! A pretty cushy deal for those who can afford it… But not so great for those who cannot. Just like the frazzled traveller who has to endure a sweaty armpit six inches in front of them for the next three hours… sweatyarmpitsAs an internet marketer, you may be feeling a similar frustration right now: Stuck way at the back of the stinking queue to online business success with no end in sight… While those with the cash can fast-track themselves with the best training and products money can buy. Fortunately, you don’t have to wait in line with the rest of the losers… Or endure the equivalent of internet marketing B.O. any longer… Because I am inviting you to take advantage of a “fast track” service of my own. If you invest in my I.M for Newbies Video Training program, you will.......

Never Go Blank In The Face When Tackling CPanel, FTP, Tracking, Buy Buttons, Script Installs, Widgets, Fantastico, Auto-Responders, Cron Jobs, Style Sheets, MySQL, 404-Redirects And More!


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complete set of 120+ 'Point-And-Click' training videos designed for the technically challenged, which will equip you with the confidence to start your online business!

And it will cost you a lot less than the VIP service at Heathrow airport too! I hope you have a fantastic weekend! We are off to the city to hit the clubs :) My hangover will surely be gone by the time I see you on Monday - stay cool till then. Kym-Robinsons-Blog-Signature           P.S. Jump right to the front of the queue… Your VIP invitation to my I.M. Video Training is waiting for you:   join in the conversation by leaving a comment and if you liked todays post, how about sharing it with your friends? all the buttons are below for your convenience – thanks in advance!


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