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Demystifying P90x Workouts.
The P90X fitness system is different from more conventional methods of burning fat and building musclesbecause it uses one of the simplest fitness tools while still maximizing the power and flexibility of the human body.

Unlikemost gym routines, this does not depend on weight machines and other gym equipment, because all you will really need is already there in your body.
So unlike a lot of fitness programs, you really only need to invest time into this program if you want to get ripped in just 90 days. If you can devote just one hour of time each day, for six days every week, you can transform your body into to a beach-perfect form, you are a perfect candidate for the P90X.

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Why does P90X work anyway? Because it works more efficiently than other workout programs? The first reason this works is, of course, nutrition. The P90X system is not just dependent on the exercisesregime (which are excellent).

Weight loss and carving a beast of a body is really 80% diet.

If you desire chiseled abs, you need to give the body the nutrition that it needs to ensure those musclesreach perfection. Then, of course, you have the workouts themselves. With the workouts, you get volume and intensity rolled into one.

You are not just going to build muscle, you should build your stamina and endurance, too. All three components are important if you want to reach significant fitness milestones in just 90 days.

JBecause 90 days is the goal – and if you follow the nutrition guide and the workout routines unfailingly within the prescribed period, you are going to should get lasting results, and you will probably never want to touch junk food or be a couch potato ever again.

One of the highlights of the P90X system is Muscle Confusion. What is Muscle Confusion? M.C. is a term that was coined by Tony Horton to describe a physiological state wherein the body is unable to fully adapt to exercises. The result is absolutely amazing.

You see, when the body becomes fully adapted to exercises, weight loss begins to slow down, and eventually stops altogether. Periods of levelling out can last for months if you don’t do anything to remedy it.

With the P90X system, plateaus are virtually impossible, because there is always something new to work on.

So when you are done with the basic set of workout routines, Tony Horton provides additional workout routines on his worksheet website. Of course, these workout routines wouldn’t make sense until you have the complete DVD set, which explains how the movements should be done, and more.

These worksheets compliment the main product, which is definitely the  Tony Horton’s DVDs. It’s a worthy investment, considering how so many people have already shown massive improvement over a very short period of time with their own attempts to become chiseled and fit.

The most amazing thing about all of this is that if you stick to the progressive workout model espoused by Tony Horton, you will continue to become stronger and more fit, and plateaus will never take place, as long as you keep challenging yourself with better workouts in the future.


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