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Are People Making Money Just Playing the Lottery?

how to win the lotteryUntil very recently I thought that the lottery was a place that I went to deposit funds. I do not think that I won more than five dollars in years. As you can imagine, this was a bit frustrating. I mean was I simply the least lucky person on the planet?

Well after years of frustration and way too much coffee one night, I stumbled upon articles on people who actually played the lottery for a living. Crazy I know. I thought that these sites were pure fiction or urban legends until I delved deeper. There are people out there that actually calculate the odds of certain numbers appearing together. 

Now I used to believe that every number had a fair shot of occuring and theoretically this is correct. Well when you look at the history of the lottery though, you see that certain numbers actually do occur more than others.  The Florida lottery, for example, allows you to go online and see how frequently each number has been picked.

And then I started seeing articles and news clips on people who have actually won lottery prizes more than once. It could not just be luck. Upon further examination I noticed some patterns with people that won routinely.

Here are some of the winning factors:

  • These people played religiously every week.
  • They played in higher amounts.
  • They played the same numbers over and over again consistantly each week.

I then looked at my own playing record. I played if I felt like it or if it was convenient. I played five dollars here and five dollars there. And I often used quick picks. Well, no wonder I wasn't winning!

I started getting really excited, when I had this aha moment. Now I knew that I had to play more lines, more often with the same set of numbers.

The only question I had then was," which numbers to play ?"

I found the answerhalf a world away. There is a gentleman across the globe that actually has developed a system that dictates which numbers to play. He gives you profiles that have a higher probability of coming through. Now he does not guarantee a jackpot win but if you do use his profiles you absolutely will see an increase in the number of prizes that you win. 

How do I know? I tried it out and began winning small prizes my very first week. I actually have a smile on my face now when I go check my tickets because I know that I will win something, even if it is just a free ticket. It is a great feeling.

If you want to know more about the system that I now use to increase my winnings by up to 98% go here:


Make sure to follow his system exactly. You will be amazed at the results.


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