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Understanding the P90X Schedule

Compared to a lot of other workout programs, the P90X workout is a very versatile and truly amazing system that targets not only the major upper body muscle groups, but also the legs as well as all the other minor muscles.

Body P90X offers the major advantage of both muscle toning and endurance training at the same time. This workout routine is definitely created for anyone who wishes to:

1. Get stronger and more physically fit

2. Become aesthetically balanced (muscle-wise)

3. Definitely become generally healthier than before

Unlike a lot of other systems out there, P90X is not for “weekend warriors” who can only workout 30 minutes once a week (or sometimes even less). It was made for the serious fitness enthusiast who wishes to transform his or her body completely.

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These workout routines are designed to be performed six times a week (with just one day of rest).

This type of schedule is used not only by recreational fitness people, but also by professional bodybuilders who are at the top of their game. This is the reason why the creator of P90X recommends that you engage in other exercise before trying the whole enchilada (P90X), so you are able to adapt to the intensity and rigorous nature of the workout program.


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