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You Can Get Paid to Play Every Drawing of 42-State Powerball, even if you don't win!

Rated A with the Better Business Bureau: 

Lotto Magic has been worldwide for nearly 17 years.

You can have tickets played in every twice-weekly drawing of 42-state Powerball and Florida Lotto!

You can also receive a monthly paycheck even if your tickets don't win!

You get 10% of all winnings thru 5 levels below you, even if you have 1,000's of downliners, the least you get is always 10% from all winning tickets.

Power Captains can earn monthly recurring commissions up to $56 for each personal referral...

plus $4 from every downliner in levels 2 thru 5, also recurring monthly.

Top earners are receiving over $5,000 per month in referral commissions!

Lottery winnings are added to your monthly paycheck:

There are 9 ways to win cash in Powerball from $4 up  to multi-millions, Powerball jackpots start at 40 million and frequently go into the 100 millions.

There are  4 ways to win cash in Florida Lotto from $3 up to multi-millions, Florida Lotto jackpots start at 3 million and frequently go into the 10 millions.

Join as a Power Captain or Team Captain and I will send you the links to 1,000 free ad sites!  Thanks & have a great day!


Sincerely, Kathleen VanBeekom

LOTTO MAGIC Potential From a 2x5 Matrix up to a 5x5 Matrix:
Members x Levels
Monthly Income
Yearly Income
FL Lotto Tickets Per Draw
Powerball Tickets Per Draw
FL Lotto Tickets Per Month
Powerball Tickets Per Month
2 x 53 x 54 x 55 x 5



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