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What Would YOu Buy if You Had All the Money in the World?

We all dream about it - hitting it big either in the lottery or in our own business. I mean who wouldn't want Donald Trump's billions? Let's dream a bit about what you are going to do with all of that wealth.

Wait did you get just a twinge even thinking about it? Many of us have anti-programs when it comes to wealth and then we wonder why we do not have it. It is like you are asking for something and pushing it away at the same time. 

So how do we get past this aversion to being wealthy? Well, you could go to a therapist but that takes to long and costs too much, in my opinion. Instead there are conscious ways to let go of these programs and put yourself on the path to wealth.

  • One of these ways is by placing the images of what you want in front of you day and night. Some people do this with a vision board. For those of you who do not know what that is, it is either a poster board with images of the things that you truly want - the big house, the car, the vacation in Maui, etc... You can also do this with videos as this company has done: http://howtomakeavisionboard.net/
  • The next thing that you can do is affirm your intentions each and every morning and evening to program your brain for wealth.
  • A third thing you can do and this is very important is to write down your goals.Post this on your bathroom mirror. Keep a copy in your wallet. Look at this goal several times a day to remind yourself what you are working for. You need to impress upon your mind in every way possible what it is you truly want.

There have been so many stories of people placing things on their vision board and years later realizing that they have actually attained many of the things that they have placed there. One many had just moved into a new home and found one of his old vision boards. On it was the exact house that he had moved into!

Jim Carrie has often told the story of how, as a broke actor, he had sat down and written himself a check for a million dollars. Needless to say he is worth quite a bit more than that now. 

Decide what you want now and truly set your mind to get it.



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