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What is the Key to Making Money and Living Your Dreams?

dream carsMaking money, attracting money and living the life of your dreams is what most people claim that they are striving for and yet if you look at their daily habits there seems to be a contradiction.

Here are some things that many people do despite the fact that they say they want wealth:

1) They spend most of their paycheck by Monday morning.

2) They jump from business to business or job to job.

3) They blame others for their misfortune.

4) And here is the big one - they fail to have a big enough dream and stick with it until they succeed.

Do any of these things sound familiar? If so do not beat yourself up. Instead see where you are off track and make immediate corrections in your life.

  • Right now write down exactly what your dream life is.
  • Look at what you wrote down several times a day.
  • Visualize what your life will be like. Really get into it. What will you see, hear and feel in that moment of ultimate success?
  • Determine what steps are necessary to actually achieve this lifestyle. It is ok if you do not know this part exactly at first. If you are focusing on success the answers and opportunities will come to you. Once they do take action!
  • Commit to yourself. Decide right now that you are going to keep moving forward toward your dreams no matter what.
  • Sorround yourself with people who want to see you succeed. Form a success group and talk to these people often. Hint - Many times this group will be formed by people other than your family and friends.

Want help maintaining that can do attitude? Need help visualizing yourself living your dreams? Consider creating a vision board. Here is the one that I use: Create Your Own Vision Board Now


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