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Just Do It and Smile

Obligation is a tacky word. To me it’s full of condescension and negativity and can make any good mood go sour. It’s a buzz kill that brings about annoyance, sadness, anger, resentment and even doubt. Honestly, why would anyone want to do something they really don’t like?

Being bound by a custom, a promise or a law is all fine and dandy, but the resulting negative weight on our emotions is just plain sucky. And as I sit fuming about the obligation I must keep, I can’t help but ponder the truth behind the word and the action. Why all the animosity? Why do wefeel anger toward something we consciously agreed to do?

I guess having no choice in the matter makes obligations so horrible and terribly time consuming. We all got a life to live, and putting it on pause simply to finish a task that we have no desire in doing, can really bring down a day. But that’s the funny thing… we chose and agreed to complete the task. It wasn’t forcibly shoved down our throats (even though it may feel that way); we said we’d do something and therefore it must be done.

But now, the obligation has turned into a monster of honor and responsibility. If we don’t follow through on a promised duty, then our character is called into question, and wemayeven doubt our own intentions. And doubt truly weighs down the soul. Life is all about finding our way, doing the things we want, and creating a world of joy and comfort. Calling that into question, only intensifies the gloomy, stressed mood that accompanies every obligation. It’s an exponential growth of horribleness and pain, because the next thing we know, we’re feeling resentment toward those we agreed to help.

And being bitter toward the ones we love can crumble our whole world…

Family and friends are the pillars that hold us up, and if we happen to fall, they are always there to help pick up the mess. They are the puzzle pieces that complete our inner peace and bliss. In this jigsaw puzzle of a world they are a light of guidance, no matter how dark our lives have become…So by closing them off in our frustrations over changing our plans to finish an undesirable duty, we shut out the light, and our joy immediately begins to wane.

So what can we do to take the edge off obligations?

We can stop being selfish.

Obligations aren’t about us. They’re about the person we made a promise to. So, rather than dwell on the untimely upheaval of our lives, think about the good we bring into someone’s world. By sacrificing a portion of our day to help someone in theirs is an ultimate portrayal of loyalty and love. And the look of joy on their faces is enough to prove our hidden anguish is worth it. And then, the obligation is no longer a chore, for it has transformed into a small favor for an awesome friend.

So enter into the bonds of obligations with an open heart and the weight of the task will lesson considerably. Don’t fret over the pending inconveniences to life. The obligation and time belongs to those in need, not us.

Instead, webecomethe source of a friend’s happiness, and this is a huge responsibility that should be viewed with reverence and awe rather than annoyance and resentment. We have the power to alter their life for good or bad.

Besides, it’s never as bad as we make it out to be. So, stop the complaining, just get it done, and keep on smiling… because we’re going to make someone very happy.


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