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Financial Freedom - Is it Just About the Money?

Many people go through life thinking if I just had a million dollars I would be happy. And yet when we look at the news we see many extremely wealthy people in horrible situations. They are at odds with their loved ones. There businesses cause them amazing stress and no matter how much they have they want more.

Perhaps it is not just about the amount that you have in the bank but what it intrinsically means to you and your family. What good is having a million or a billion dollars if you never take the time for a vacation or you miss every one of your kids little league games and dance recitals. 

Think about what financial freedom is to you. What will you do when you get the money you have been craving. Will you finally take that vacation or sit home in front of your computer all day. Will you make the time to spend time with your kids or will you make excuses instead. And will you hoard your money like Scrooge or will you help others to achieve the same financial freedom.

Here is an interesting fact. Those who know what they truly want and what they will do with it are much more likely to get it. And those who proceed from an attitude of service and gratitude have a much happier life.

There are a million ways to make money online and off. Knowing the life that you will live when you succeed will make you twice as likely to get there. It is the why behind the how. It is in fact the way to creating your roadmap to success.

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