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How to Win More Lottery Cash Prizes in 30 Minutes or Less

how to make moneyMost people want to win the lottery and have tons of money. They believe that winning is a matter of luck. And perhaps they are not wrong. I mean no lotto system in the world can predict the lottery jackpot. But there are actually ways of making sure that you win some kind of prize. It could be free tickets or it could be cash.

It is a matter of combine several different factors. The one common factor though for success with the lottery or anything else in life boils down to this: Do the Opposite of what everone else does.

1)  While others play their birthdays or combinations of 123456, which historically has a ridiculously low chance of winning, you decide on your numbers carefully. 

2) While others pick numbers in a small spectrum like all lower numbers, you will pick a mix of numbers across the spectrum of possible numbers.

3) While many people love odd numbers or even numbers, you will mix a combination of both odd and even numbers. 

4) Most people play sporadically. You will play every game.

5) Most people play the minimum amount possible. You will set a budget for your weekly play.

6) Most people play different numbers each week. You will play the same numbers every week.

7) Most people jump from game to game. You will pick one with the best odds of winning and play that game and that game alone every week.

 Do you see how doing these simple steps gives you a higher chance of winning some type of prize? By taking just 30 minutes of your day once and sticking to these rules you up the chances of winning free tickets and cash.

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