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The Answer is YES...We Do All The Work For You
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The Answer is YES...We Do All The Work For You


Let us do your Social Media Posting and
emailing for you.

Sit Back. Relax. We Will Do it ALL for You.

Make Your life simple. Free up your own time
to do other things.

The Answer is YES...We Do All The Work For You

Over the past six months we have gotten
numerous request like this:

Can you get me someone who will do my
posting on Sokule to 86 Social Media
sites and targeted blogs?

The answer is yes.

I don't have a lot of followers yet at Sokule.
Can you email your own followers for me?

The Answer is Yes.

I love Sokule but...

I want to be able to concentrate on my
business and set up messages or specials
that I am offering and have someone else
do the actual posting for me. Can this
be done?

The answer is yes.

I dont' have a lot of people following
me at the various Social media sites,
can you set something up that will
get my message in front of more people?

The answer is yes.

Sokule offers a fabulous service where
we do it all for you.


Using our own large posting accounts at Sokule,
we can get your message in front of millions
of eyeballs and you never do a thing.

You fill out a form with your url to you
site and a message that you want to go
out to all of the 86 Social Media sites
and a longer message that you want to put
on Sokwall and a KuleWall message and we
take it from there.

We will make your posts for you
short posts and long posts.

We will send your solo ad for you on Direct Squeek
all to over 25,000 members.

We will send you solo ad to a targeted group
of members that match your website.

We will make article posts or press release posts
for you using Sokwall.

We will post to KuleWall with over 1.4 million

We will post your message on our 2 facebook
fan pages

We Will post your message on our Sokule Twitter

We even provide you at the end of the post
with your own unique Sokwall link with
your message on it and you can promote
this link all over the net.

You sit back and concentrate on your own

We have created packages for you to choose
2 posts or 4 posts or 8 posts a month to

Short posts
Sokwall long post
KuleWall post to over 1.4 members
Direct Squeek Solo ad to over 25,000 members
Post to Our 2 facebook fan pages.
Get Your Own Sokwall link to keep and to
promote yourself.

These are monthly packages and you can
cancel at any time.

If you are busy and you want to reach a larger
audience at Sokule, then this service is for

We have grown our trackers and our Social
media audience and now you can take advantage
of that growth.


When our members ask, we listen and...

Today we are delighted to be able to offer you
KulePost- A place where people go to get
the work done for them.

Go get um

Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS: If you are not yet a member of Sokule,
join us right here so you can see your posts
and your mailings in action. We send you screen
shots of your posts after each run.



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