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The Big Picture In Small Print

Trying to encompass the logistics of the world in a single conversation is like trying to eat a whole bag of marshmallows and still spit out “chubby bunny!” It’s overwhelming, rather ridiculous, tends to get messy, and in the end you wined-up a slobbering fool. The world is simply too complex, too big and too chaotic to fit in a singular idea, and those who do, find themselves sputtering and stammering to defend their incomplete thoughts.

Life isEVERTHING we see, hear, touch, and feel. And not just in the physical sense, it includes the metaphysical as well. Think about it… What is an emotion? What is a soul? Neither is something we can grasp onto, but we know undeniably they exist. We feel it in our gut, in every heartbeat, and in every fleeting moment when our minds wander into the unknown.So how can anyone describe what they see and feel without creating a complete set of encyclopedias? I certainly can’t, and I wouldn’t try too; but there are a few important bullet points concerning life and the world I do ponder on, hoping to adjust my grip on reality and stabilize my own fluctuating existence.

Love, Relationships and Compromise

In my eyes, relationships are a cornerstone to life. They can make or, for a period of time, break you. Finding the right person doesn’t necessarily complete you (as we are all one in ourselves), but compliments all that is good in you and helps you become the best person you can be. It’s about finding someone for the ride; someone who can reach for the highs, and climb up from the lows. And once your compliment is found, you must hold on for dear life. But we all know that accomplishing such a huge feat – finding and keeping a man or woman in your life – is a highly difficult task…

Relationships are beyond complicating. They are different for every person, and because people constantly change and evolve, relationships are in a continual flux… But I’m going straight to the heart of things. If you don’t have love, your relationship will eventually crumple, but if you don’t have trust, love can never flourish and grow. In a sense, trust is the cornerstone to a relationship. When trust fails, people feel cheated and eventually everything is called into question.

Sadly, I’ve been watching this drama unfold among many of my close friends, and I can’t help but be drawn in…

I don’t know… maybe it’s just the hot weather making everyone cranky, but a flood of relationship difficulties is pounding on my door, and I’m desperately looking for a solution.

“All the world is made of faith, and trust, and pixie dust.”

If only we could, “never grow up,” and live in a world with magic and the innocence of childhood. When we were young trusting those we loved was natural. There were no questions because we’d never been hurt. Fast-forward a couple decades and now we’ve turned into bitter and pained old souls who believe in self-preservation where any hint of betrayal can turn into a relationship meltdown.

But that’s not the point in life…

We shouldn’t live in fear. And although trust is a fear and makes us vulnerable, it’s key to our success. After all, didn’t our parents always say relationships were about compromise?

We have to compromise our independence and learn to find happiness in others. No more self-medicating. When you find the right person, let go of your insecurities and trust that they love you too.

When both people trust a relationship it becomes unbreakable, and even at the lowest of lows when the love waivers, the trust will keep it all together.

I guess that’s what I’d tell my friends who are struggling through the summer heat and the storm of an argument… Remember the trust you built, and you can once again build a truly amazing relationship. Trust might not be everything to a relationship, but it’s a good place as any to work on and cultivate.


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