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Tutorials - All About Google Circles
[box color="purple-vibrant" type="square" icon="help"]Tutorials - All About Google Circles[/box] Welcome to Wednesday people! do you know what time it is? Google Circles Tutorial time of course and today we are continuing on with the Google series after last week discussing how to setup Google Plus - let's rock and roll with Google Circles... thanks again to Alison Zander for the suggestion (feel free to leave a topic idea yourself!) Google Circles Tutorial Circles is one of the things that really sets Google+ apart from other social networks. In Facebook for example, your friends are your friends – It doesn’t matter if that person’s the janitor you sometimes talk to or your best friend from childhood. In Google+, you can create circles and put different people in different circles. You can then choose to share things only to certain people and not to others. For example, you might share only professional updates with your work contacts, while sharing photos of a night out with your friend circle. The people in your circles won’t know what circles you put them in. It gives you a whole lot of control over your data, without any potentially embarrassing situations. Here’s how to use Google Circles features.....   Step 1: Click Circles To access your circles settings, click on “Circles” in the top navigation boxes.  

You’ll see a screen of the people who are already in your circles.     Step 2: See Potential Friends Click on “People who’ve added you” to see who added you to their circles. You can think of these are your “friend requests.”  

  Step 3: Drag and Drop Into Circles To add someone to a circle, just drag and drop them into the circles along the bottom.  

  Step 4: Create a New Circle To create a new circle, click or drag and drop into the “new circle” circle.   The create circle box will pop up. Choose a name for your new circle, then either add people to the circle or create an empty circle.  

  Step 5: Adding by Search If you want to add someone who hasn’t already added you, do a search for them along the top bar.  

Click on the name to go to their profile page. Then click “Add to circles” to add them to a circle.     Step 6: Circle Specific Stream Want to only see photos and updates from your friends? Or want to see what your family is up to? Google+ makes it easy to see only updates from the people you want to see updates from. On the left hand side of your home screen, just click one of the circles whose streams you want to see. Google+ will update and only display updates from people in those circles.     Step 7: Circle-Specific Posts To post an update to only certain circles, click on the status update bar and start writing a post. A box with who can view your post will pop up along the bottom. To remove a circle, click the small “x” in the top right corner. To add a circle that can see your post, click “Add more people.”  

  Congratulations! You've just got the good oil on Google Circles! You now learned how to see who’s in your circle, who’s added you to their circles, how to add people to your own circles, how to create a new circle, how to add people who didn’t add you to a circle using search, how to sort your stream by circles and how to post to only specific circles. Sheesh! what a mouth full.....lol :) Google+’s circles features really makes it easy to use social networking without “leaking” updates you don’t want leaked to the wrong people. It allows you to connect with the different people in your life in different ways.... and that's gotta be a good thing! Have a poke around and get yourself set up and see how you like it! Next week on Wednesday we will continue with this series on google and get you all cosy with Google Hangouts! So I'll be signing off for now and hope to see you back on Friday. Stay toasty till then! Kym-Robinsons-Blog-Signature           join in the conversation by leaving a comment and if you liked todays post, how about sharing it with your friends? all the buttons are below for your convenience – thanks in advance!


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