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The Bite Is In The Mailer-Special Today
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The Bite Is In The Mailer-Special Today

Hi [fname]

This month Only, we are adding 200,000
mailing credits to your account. That's
8 solo ads mailing whenever you want to
use them. This is off the wall good and
something you can only get at Croc Ads.

This is advertising with a bite
It lets you reach one of our most responsive lists


Those of you who know our advertising sites,
don't miss a beat, sign up through the one time
offer and get this out to your lists and your
downlines right away.


When you take the oto, you will receive 200,000
credits which you will be able to use for

This is a special not listed on our oto page
(at a value of 497.00 ). It's a bonus February
special which we will be running through the
end of the month.

These bonus credits will be added manually
when by us once you become a lifetime member.

You will also receive 20,000 FAD
credits as a lifetime pro member so go for it.
Value 197.00

For those of you who need more info, here it is.

Croc Ads-What is it?

I call it the Best of...

The best of FAD
The best of TAD
The best of 1 Minute Ads
The Best of BR
The Best of JPE Advertising

You can get your ads up even as a free member
You can earn from multiple sources but...


But the bite is in the mailer where you
can reach over 25,000 members with every
mailing and the 200,000 bonus credits
in Februaray will let you send 8 solo
ads whenever you want to send them.

You will find this one of our most responsive lists.

Croc Ad will give you the advertising the
bite you need.


Jane and Phil
JPE advertising
Sokule, Inc


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