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This is why Mike Filsaime created the [MICRO MODEL]
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This is why Mike Filsaime created the [MICRO MODEL]

Hi [fname]

I saw this email from Mike Filsaime and
and I asked if I could share it with you.

I have to admit this is pretty cool, so after
I saw it I wanted you see it too.

Here it is below…

From Mike Filsaime
Hi [fname]
I will explain why I created the Micro Model
Business System in a second...
But first I want to let you know that I am
offering it Free for the next 14 days but that
offer may change so after you see it and
you like it, don’t wait signup straight away
free while you still can.
Let me ask you these questions:
- If you had something to sell online would
  that make things easier?
- If you were given 2 new products each
  month to sell would that make things easier
  for you to succeed?
- If these products were in all different types
  of Niches (not all Make Money) would that
  be more exciting?
Well.. I am not done. I have a few more
- If the products came with great sales pages
  and sales copy as well as thank you pages, is
  it getting even more interesting?

- What if you did not have to pay extra for hosting
  to some 3rd party. What if hosting was included?
- What about a shopping cart, affiliate program and
  help desk. What if all that was set up with a few
- And what if it was as easy a, choosing a product,
  enter your domain, press build and it, everything
  I just said, was built for you and ready to make
Well, you would say Mike.. there has never been
anything like that.

I know because it took me 2 years to perfect this
for you.
But I knew having the product and technology
all included was only half the picture.
So I also included course on how to get traffic
Free and or Cheap to allow you to profit.
But the marketing game change, so I wanted
to include my Newsletter for free with this.
(Others pay $29.95 a month) and you won’t
need to pay extra for it…
But the name “Micro Model” what is that?
Well, Mini-Sites don’t work unless you have
Google hates them.
These sites are Micro Models because they
are a fusion of GOOGLE loving search engine
friendly sites as well as High Converting sales

- You keep all the profits.
- I provide you with 2 new products every
  month for life.
- You share nothing with me
- You can have your own affiliates
- I including the hosting
- It’s easy but I still included training videos so
  anyone can get started in minutes even if they
  have never even purchased a domain before.
- Plus I give a system of getting free and cheap
  traffic in videos that you will find fun and easy
  to implement.
- And you get access at no charge to my MDC
  monthly newsletter which gives you all my
  lastest marketing tips which is a $29.95 a
And for the next 14 days… anyone that sees this
offer can have it Free. So you should hurry.

Go direct to...

I have a great video that it explains the Micro
Model Business System in more detail…
PLUS I even demo the products and a site being
built so you know I am not making up how cool
this is and how easy it is.

We now live in a world where we should not have
to focus on all the tech stuff.

Marketing should be FUN…
…and that is why I created the Micro Model
Business System.
So don't delay! Head on over to
Mike Filsaime
PS – Remember, for the next 14 days… It’s
yours free so hurry before the free offer
goes away.

See what I mean folks. Mike has perfected
internet marketing and made it drop dead

So signup free under my link today, send
a copy of your welcome letter and Micro Model
Business system members area to


... and I will give you 1 million Sokule credits
(sokens - value $1,270.00) just for taking the
free trial.

Bet you thought you'd never see that. Me giving
a million sokens away free. This product is that
Good grab it now. ==) http://bit.ly/micromodelsales

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