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Leverage $20 into $10,000 First Month Potential:

You CAN earn realistic $100's DAILY, and realistic $1,000's to potentially over $10,000 per month, starting in your FIRST MONTH, just by posting ads, there are lots of pre-written ads & banners you can use.

* Daily 100% Commissions of $15, $25, $50 up to a total of $90 per referral!

* High-demand digital & software products that can supercharge any biz promotions!

* Lots of passive income can also pour in for you!
Package 1 is a 1-Up pay plan that can provide you with unlimited paylines of $15's thru infinity.
Packages 2 & 3 are a 2-Up pay plan that can provide you with unlimited amounts of double paylines of $25's and $50's thru infinity.

One daily upgraded referral to all 3 packages in GetCashConnected will amount to $32,850 in a year. Plus all passive rollup/passup income from your payliners that can amount to high 5 figures or 6 figures in your first year! Your potential GetCashConnected daily commissions can amount to several hundred dollars daily.

Lots of people don't earn $32,850 yearly from their 8-hour per day "real job"...you could easily earn it from posting ads online for a short time daily! You can earn a LOT MORE than THAT!

If you make one daily sale of all 3 packages for $90 for 30 days, subtracting the $165 passed up to your sponsor, that's $2,535 (you don't pay it forward for anyone, each member pays for all of their own packages in GCC)

Your first sale of Package 1 is passed up to your sponsor, your payliners pay for their own packages, you never pay for anyone else's Package 1 in GCC, just your own.

When each of your other 29 personal referrals on #1 gets their first signup and pays you for their qualifying sale of Package 1, that's 29 x $15 = $435.

GCC is NOT a pay-it-forward system in #1, each member pays for their own Package 1 (each member pays for all of their own packages, you never have to pay anyone else's way into Package #1).

Your first 2 sales of Packages 2&3 are passed up to your sponsor. Lots of members bring in their qualifying sales on their first day and start earning commissions within their first 24 hours.

Then when your 28 personal referrals on #2&3 get their two qualifying sales of Packages 2 & 3, their 56 qualifying members on Packages 2 & 3 would each pay you a total of $75, that's $4,200.

The first two from those 2 will also pass up two qualifying sales of Packages 2 & 3 to you who will each pay you $75, thru double infinity paylines.

The ads & followups are pre-written for you. This is very simple, it's a no-brainer!

GetCashConnected is very affordable and it's easy to earn several daily commissions.

Take the tour and don't wait another day, tons people are joining this immediately the first time they see it, don't get left behind because lots of people join daily, and if they see YOUR ADS, they can join thru YOU...GCC can put $100's into your wallet DAILY.

==>>GCC also offers you a 15,000 URL rotator/tracker, so you can track all your ads, and also create up to 300 rotators with up to 50 URLs in each.

Thanks for taking the tour & joining today!



Michael Tan


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