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Back - Pain Prevention! Let’s defeat Back – Pain with the help of these tips........

 Back pain results from wear and tear in the aging process, generally are over 40 years of age.

The complex spine changes during aging at varying rates from individual to individual as determined by genetic factors, lifestyle choices, and prior injuries.

So what do you do when that happens, and how do you prevent it from happening. Don't panic! Over 95% of back pain does not require surgery, and will subside on its own anywhere from a couple of days to months.

Just be patient, and keep positive!


How Do You Prevent It?

What you should do:

1. Stay active - use back smart exercises on a regular basis.

2. While walking and exercising, maintain proper spinal alignment (good posture).

3. Keep your weight under control.

4. Reduce smoking as much as possible.

5. Strengthen your core muscles.

6. Keep the muscles limber and stretched.

7. Do cardiovascular exercise, i.e. walk on a regular basis.

8. Contract your abdominals throughout the day to protect the spine as well as strengthen supporting muscles.


What you must avoid:

1. Straight leg sit-ups.

2. Bent leg sit-ups during acute pain.

3. Leg lifts, i.e. lifting both legs while lying on your back.

4. Walking at a high incline.

5. Lifting heavy weights above your waist.

6. Any stretches done while sitting with your legs in a V position.

7. Toe touches while standing.

8. Running or repetitive stair climbing.

9. Excessive spine twisting, and bending.

I hope you will find these tips helpful.


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