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Tutorials - All About Google Hangouts
[box color="purple-vibrant" type="square" icon="help"]Tutorials - All About Google Hangouts[/box] It's tutorial Wednesday and we are half way through out series on Google and the great things you can do with a few of the new Google Plus features. Google Hangouts Last week we looked at Google Circles and the week before we covered how to set up your google account and as promised, today we are going to continue with 'how to' google info! Let's get right down to it and discover Google Hangouts! Hangouts Tutorial Hangouts are essentially video conferences, but with a casual twist. Google+ named it “hangouts” to give it a spontaneous feel. All you need to do is click “Hangout,” invite a few friends and you can just hang out on video. If other friends see your hangout in their feeds, they can join and hang out as well. Of course even though the primary positioning is casual video chat, you can also use the technology for business meetings, conferences, brainstorming and one on one chats. Here’s how to use Google+ hangouts.   Step 1: Choose a Stream Go into your stream view by clicking any of your circles on the left.     Step 2: Click “Start a Hangout” Click on “Start a Hangout” on the right hand side of your stream screen.     Step 3: Add or Remove People Click the “x” button in the upper right corner of any circle to remove the circle. Click “Add more people” to open the hangout to more people.     Step 4: Start the Hangout! Once you’ve told Google who you want to hang out with, click “Hang out” to get started! You’ll immediately see a screen with anyone else in the hangout, along with your own video so you can see how you look.     Step 5: Inviting More People If you’re in the middle of a hangout and want to invite more people, just click on “Invite.” You’ll then be taken to the invite screen where you can invite more people to your hangout.     Step 6: Text Chat Sometimes you’ll want to use text chat in addition to video chat. For example, if someone wants to share a link to something online, it’s a lot easier to just paste the link in a text chat rather than spell it out in video. To access the text chat, click “Chat.” Then use the chat box like any other chat room box.     Step 7: Sharing YouTube Videos Hangouts makes it very easy to share videos. You essentially have one group “channel” that everyone can watch at the same time. Anyone can set the video that the player is set to and everyone else in the video can watch the same video at the same time. To share or watch a video, click “YouTube.” If there’s a video already playing, you’ll see the title next to “Now playing.” Whether or not there’s a video playing, you can change it to a different video by clicking on “Find another video.”     Step 8: Other Settings To mute your video or audio, click either of the mute buttons in the lower right corner. These are useful for if you need to step away from your video for a few minutes, if one person is speaking or if your dog’s barking in the background. To access additional microphone and video settings, click “Settings.”

Here you can set your microphone and camera. You can test the various settings to make sure everything’s working properly. That’s how to use hangouts. You’ve just discovered how to start a new hangout, how to set who the hangout is open to, how to invite more people, how to use the text chat, how to share YouTube videos and how to set your microphone and video settings. Hangouts really takes connecting with friends online to the next level. Instead of just sharing casual, spontaneous status updates, you can now share entire social interactions spontaneously. Aaahhhhh technology these days! So that's it for this weeks step by step tutorial - next week we will finish off our Google series by discussing Google Sparks. I'll be back on Friday with something cool to share so see you then? Great! Stay coolies :) Kym-Robinsons-Blog-Signature           join in the conversation by leaving a comment and if you liked todays post, how about sharing it with your friends? all the buttons are below for your convenience – thanks in advance!


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