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Jimmy D Brown Raises the Internet Marketing Bar Again!
Jimmy D Brown Raises the Internet Marketing Bar Again Welcome to Friday - Yay! Today I am going to share part of an article by Jimmy D Brown - its very relevant to what we do here and will be totally worth your while I promise! internet marketing with jimmy-d-brown For those of you who have not heard of Jimmy in the internet marketing scene, I can tell you he is one cool dude that I have followed for a couple of years now. He is the type of online business man I truly appreciate - no crap, no hype and no BS... just good content all the way - visit his blog here. This article is called... Raising the B.A.R. so in his own words..... read on...... Practically, there are things that I do which helps to create orders. I call it "raising the B.A.R." for daily orders. It involves one thing done in three different ways... ----> Sending emails to provide content and point towards offers. Let's look at how it works for me, and, more importantly to you, how it can work for you... Raising the B.A.R. for daily orders... B - BROADCAST A - AUTORESPONDER R - RECRUITMENT here we go with the explanations.... BROADCAST One of the things that I do at least weekly is publish a newsletter. This Revenue Newsletter is an example of one of them. I also publish several others, so sometimes multiple newsletters is sent out each week to various lists. But always at least one day is devoted to a newsletter. broadcastThe newsletter consists of content like the featured article you are reading. You won't find a newsletter from me that doesn't include helpful information that is useful to the reader. If you read today's issue, for example, you'll find this featured article useful. If you don't, then I'm not doing my job right as a writer and publisher. That's what keeps people reading after 12 years - I keep giving them content, often an inside look at what works for me, what I actually do myself. Like today. That's what you get. What do I get? I get to mention my offers in the newsletter in the hopes that you'll buy something from me. If you've been watching, so far I've had a featured ad that promoted one of my offers, two small sections announcing offers, and even this featured article had a subtle mention in the "order confirmations" section. None of this is invasive. All of this is relevant. And it's accentuated with a quality article that is all but certain to help anyone who applies it. That's a good formula. And the result of this mailing should be... Order confirmations. Probably a few from each of the aforementioned offers. So, one thing you want to do each week is send out a newsletter to your list. Don't have a list? Start building a list right away. That should be priority one. AUTORESPONDER I also have dozens of auto responder lists. These list exist for a variety of reasons: free report giveaway, email mini-course, announcement list, customer list, etc. Instead of sending a regular newsletter to these lists every week, I add "follow-up" mailings to the auto responder sequence so the subscriber automatically gets additional mailings for weeks, months and even years to come. These follow-up mailings include messages that... autoresponder * Point the subscriber to a blog post * Invite the subscriber to join my affiliate program * Ask the subscriber a question * Give the subscriber a freebie * Solicit the subscriber's opinion * Present the subscriber with an advertisement * Survey the subscriber for important data * Connect with the subscriber through a personal story * Build a relationship with the subscriber by interacting * Answering the subscriber's common questions * Sharing another content piece with the subscriber (article, report, etc.) I just gave you a quick list there of ELEVEN WAYS you can use follow-up mailings. Every one of these things can be used to create sales either directly (through pre selling, ad presentation, etc.) or indirectly (by growing the relationship). To add to that, you can always put a classified ad at the top, middle or bottom of any of these mailings, OR simply include a P.S. at the bottom with a mention of an offer. The result? Again ... it's "order confirmations". Something else you want to do (usually 2-4X per week) is to add follow-up messages to various lists you've built so the mailings go out automatically for weeks, months and years to come. RECRUITMENT The third thing I do with list marketing to generate order confirmations is to actively recruit new affiliates and partners to promote my offers or participate in joint venture projects that provide mutual benefit. recruitAll it takes is identifying a potential partner, locating their contact information and then sending out a quick email to inquire about what's on your mind in terms of working together. It's a numbers game. A large percentage won't respond. A smaller percentage will say "no". And an even smaller percentage will participate. Even if it's 2 out of 100 who say "yes", this is money in the bank. It costs nothing but your time to do. You can even outsource it to someone for pennies. And the pattern continues: "order confirmations". I see orders come in all the time that are tagged with an affiliate or partner who gets a commission. We all win. I highly recommend you spend at least an hour or two every week sending out personal email messages to potential partners in an effort to recruit them into a mutually beneficial project. That's how you raise the B.A.R. to create daily orders. You build lists. You invest in lists. You monetize lists. Everyone goes home happy. [box color="navy-vibrant" type="square" icon="asterisk"]Bottom line: spend time EVERY DAY on list marketing. When you invest in it, it brings in the results. Give to your subscribers and they'll give to you. Tweet It![/box] That's how you raise the B.A.R. Yeap! I think Jimmy is great and he has inspired me to cover more of the above topics in depth. So look forward to more great content on superstar email marketing strategies that will propel your online business into the outer atmosphere! Have a fantastic weekend everyone - tty on Monday :) Kym-Robinsons-Blog-Signature           join in the conversation by leaving a comment and if you liked todays post, how about sharing it with your friends? all the buttons are below for your convenience – thanks in advance!


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