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Be Part of ' Project Saving Lives' Join Free

here is a new program called Global One due to be launched shortly. It is being marketed under the banner of the Paradigm Shift. which basically means changing our thinking. This in turn changes our actions, which then gives us positive results both in income and lifestyle.


Yes it there has been a lot of hype about it. But if you look past that hype you will see a solid program which will produce income for ALL Members regardless of if they sponsor or not.

Part of the product range is a marketing system that will allow passive members to build teams and increase their incomes. 

There are three earning systems working together within Global One that allows all members to earn income at least every six days. Some of these incomes will only be a few cents every six days while others will be many dollars. Everyone earns. Membership levels range from $10 per month through to $100.  There is a level here for everyone.

The main thing to do now is to join for free to get more information about this great program. If at all possible attend the webinars listed in the back office.  

One of the main reasons I joined is the following   

Global One - Be A Part of "Project Saving Lives" Join Free!

Endorsed by the African Chamber of Commerce,

over 15,000 doctors worldwide and 114,202

worldwide networkers who want to HELP!


Now You have an opportunity to take ACTION.

This is Your chance to make a difference in the world!

Here is a three minute video in reference to the project -



Then IF you are ready to help others -

let's walk the talk - together:


Hi, I live in England, have a daughter in Australia; shortly retiring; ambition to go to Australia in 2013 and hopefully get to Formula 1 in Melbourne.

->   http://www.ultimatepowerprofits.com/richdig15


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