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10 Untapped Niches From Me To You
10 Untapped Niches From Me To You.... really! Welcome to the new week everyone :) Today I thought we would talk about a bit of niche research - actually, I have been playing around with Market Samurai and cannot believe the sheer number of niches out there... (of course you can do your keyword research with free tools from Google and I have written up some instructions to do that but read this post anyway) Not only that, they are rabid, hungry niches with many thousands of monthly searches. untapped niches I compiled this list of 10 under exploited niches within about five minutes of logging in. Check out the numbers and imagine how you could make money from each of them...
  • Windows 7 Tablet - almost 1.7 million searches/month
  • Dirt Cake Recipe - over 1 million searches/month
  • Lower Back Pain - over 308,000 searches/month
  • Harry Potter Trivia - over 242,000 searches/month
  • Celtic Jewelry - almost 225,000 searches/month
  • Canvas Prints - over 186,000 searches/month
  • Italian Ice - over 66,000 searches/month
  • Blue Flowers - 66,000 searches/month
  • Laptops For Sale - almost 44,000 searches/month
  • DVD Duplication - almost 10,000 searches/month
So many possibilities in just a few short minutes! Obviously, you can have these niches on me, but this really is just the tip of the iceberg... There are literally pages and pages of these niches within Market Samurai, with every single keyword phrase analysed meticulously for windows of opportunity to exploit. If you hate doing niche research but want to build a portfolio of review blogs, Adsense sites or even your own products in areas outside of Internet Marketing, then Market Samurai can help you immensely... Log-in, find a niche that interests you, build your website and move onto the next one... It doesn't get any easier than that and the hours you save each week on niche and keyword research can be spent building even more websites! More websites = more money. Get your free trial from Market Samurai here - there are many other great features to this software too!   Kym Robinson Market Samurai   Niche Research no longer becomes "niche research" because Market Samurai TELLS YOU exactly where you should focus your attention! You will save countless hours each week with the pain of research taken away and will be able to build far more cash-sucking websites! Take a look now before you waste more time doing things the hard way! We all need to research our niches properly so you may as use the best software available and do it right the first time! That's it for today, see you back on Wednesday for our final Google Plus tutorial - this week I am going to cover Google Sparks. Stay toasty till then :)   Kym-Robinsons-Blog-Signature           join in the conversation by leaving a comment and if you liked todays post, how about sharing it with your friends? all the buttons are below for your convenience – thanks in advance!


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