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Sokule Here is what Richard Betts said...
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Sokule Here is what Richard Betts said...


READ this to the end.
I am going to knock your socks off today
with an early valentine's day special.

Our Mobile site is live at Sokule.

Here is what Richard Betts said when he used it.

"I just. Tried your mobi site from my Blackberry
Curve and it works like a charm. It is FAST and
easy to use. I am VERY impressed that you could
develop this as quickly as you did. 5 stars for you.
Richard Betts, South africa
Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom - "

I hope you are all giving it a try from your
phone at http://m.sokule.com

You just pop that url into your browser if
you have internet connection on your phone
and bingo! You can post in a nano seconds to
all of our 31 posting sites at Sokule.

You can check your commissions.
Check your most recent trackers.
Offer and claim sokens.
Send people your link to join you.

While we cannot of course include all of
the features of Sokule on the mobi site,
we have given you a way to get back to the
main site if you need to.

All and all it's pretty nifty so I hope you
are taking advantage of it. It is completely
fr*ee to use.

Gone are those SMS charges you can get from
other sites when you post on them from
your phone- sites like say, Twitter, for

Why spend the money to post from your Phone
to Twitter when you can now do it for fr*ee
from Sokule?

Learn How It Works.

We are continually adding to the FAQ section
in Sokule so make sure you check that area
frequently if you have any inquiries about
how Sokule works. You are likely to find
the answers to your questions there as well
as in the Training section which is filled
with videos and teleseminars for your listening

We want to help you succeed at Sokule and
start to pocket that Green Spendin Stuff

Your first step to success is to learn how
Sokule works and what it can do for your
own business online.

Sokule is a powerhouse of avertising at your

We Provide the Power...

All you need to do is step on the peddle and hit Go.

Go Get Um


Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc


PS: Phil is working on one of the most beautiful
banners for Sokule that I  have ever seen.
it is my Valentine's day present.
It is a knock your socks off roll up banner.
We are going to be using it for events that
we are speaking at.

While he is distracted with this project,
I am going to sneak in a very quick special here.
Do not say a word to him please.

He will go nuts if he knows I did this.

Many of you have had a chance to sign up
free and take a look around Sokule and you
know that the real power is in the posting
and the pinging.

I am going to do something now that Phil would
never let me do.

I am going to give you this link for 24 hours

This is our one time offer link that you see
when you first sign up to Sokule and it saves
you 100 bucks off our Silver membership which
is a steal to begin with.

You pay once a year and it is the cheapest
advertising you are ever going to see on the net.
You get access to 30 of our posting sites
You get to auto welcome your trackers
You make longer posts
You get access to Sokwall
You get access to keyword alerts
Requeek and retweet
You get 250,000 Sokens as a special bonus
which is a value of 254 (more then the cost
of the upgrade
You ea*rn 40% commissions on all upgrades under you
and so much more that is too long to list here.

To see all that you get as a silver member of
Sokule log into your members area and take a look
at the upgrade box BUT don't use that link to
upgrade today.

Use this one


I will upgrade you manually and add your
double up on sokens for anyone who upgrades
within the next 24 hours to silver.

Phil will be finished with this fabulous roll up
banner that he is creating and he won't even
know I slipped this in here so do it now:)

This offer ends at 8.55 am est tomorrow
morning which is Saturday, Feb 13th.

I will show you picture of the banner tomorrow
It will knock your socks off!




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