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Twitter Traffic
Twitter Traffic

Welcome to Part 4 of this crash course in Marketing with Twitter for the Twitter Newbie.I hope you are learning a lot. Today we are going to talk about maximizing your Twitter Traffic.

Dominating social networks should be one of your main promotional goals as an Internet Marketer.
Twitter is one of the best ways of accessing the global market. You can quickly build a list of valuable leads by simply attracting followers and making friends .

It is known that Twitter is considered to be one of the most effective and impressive ways to increase your traffic.

Mostly, people seem to use Twitter to send tweets to one another and keep in contact with friends and family. As an Internet Marketer, however, you can use it to drive a serious amount of traffic to your business sites if you know how.

Twitter Traffic Leads to Conversions

By increasing traffic to your website, you can gain more subscribers, leads and convert them into paying customers. This can cause a massive increase to your income.

As we talked about in Part 1, you need to spread the news that you are actually on Twitter. You need to include your Twitter url in your email messages, blogs and on your websites.  By doing this, people will become aware that you are a regular user of Twitter.

By regularly updating your tweets, more Twitter Traffic will be driven to your websites. Regular twitterers like people who post tweets regularly. In order to gain regular followers, you will need to set up a posting schedule and do your best to stick to it.

Make sure also, that you reply to the tweets which are addressed to you. Just pick a good time once or twice a day to respond to people. There's no need to spend all day doing so. Did you know that you can sync your mobile dvice with your Twitter account? This means you don't have to stress when you are away from the computer.

Increased Twitter Traffic won't happen overnight...

Don't worry if your followers don't become active immediately. Over time, people will notice that you have become more active and will start to respond by asking questions and commenting on things you have said.

Just remember the basic rule we talked about in Part 3...

"keep ninety percent of your tweets full of helpful content and
limit your promotional ones"

By remembering this golden rule, you will keep the followers that really matter.

If you use Twitter for keeping up with personal contacts, don't bombard them with your business tweets. The same applies to your niche market. Don't send out your personal tweets to them either. They don't want to know what you got for your birthday or what you had for dinner. If you are not careful, you may lose your Twitter Traffic very quickly.

Remember - stay focussed...

Form Good Relationships with your Twitter Traffic.

Take advantage of the massive flow of traffic that pours through Twitter every day. Establishing a good relationship with your followers is vital. By taking the time to get to know your followers, you will be laying the ground work for converting them into lifetime customer for your products or business.

Make use of this handy checklist:-

- Let everyone know that you’re on Twitter.
- Send tweets regularly.
- Retweet good content.
- Reply to the tweets addressed to you.
- Pay attention to the kind of tweets you’re sending.
- Make the tweets personal, but not too personal.
- Most of all, build good relationships.

Using Twitter is fun and easy that is why it is such a big drawcard.

It takes time, effort, and patience to see effective results.Not everybody who is marketing with Twitter will be successful because of these facts.

By regularly following the steps outlined above,  you should start to see an increase of activity and conversion.

Keep a lookout for Part 5, the final of my series on Marketing with Twitter. I will be outlining some of the common errors taking place. Hopefully, by becoming aware of these, you will avoid make the same mistakes.

Hopefully, this article on increasing Twitter Traffic has been of use.
Please share and I would welcome your comments.

Hi there. My name is Liz Delaney. I have been marketing online for around 3 years now. It is hard work, but I am learning heaps and hoping to help others achieve success so they can live their lives the way it was meant to be.....

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