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Sokule. The Gift...Jane's Sunday Sermon
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 Sokule. The Gift...Jane's Sunday Sermon

Yesterday, one of our members, Kathy Youla,
upgraded to Silver at Sokule.

She wrote me this email...
I was really touched by it.
It speaks for itself.

Hi Jane and Phil

I am so excited to finally have my silver!
When I saw your special offer I thought how can
I swing this and going with the theme of Valentines
Day I said to my hubby,

Do you know my marketing at the moment is like
writing on a postage stamp and throwing it in
the air and hoping that someone will pick it up
and see it!

Whereas if I you dont buy me any flowers or take
me out to dinner for Valentines day but buy me
this instead [probably cheaper :) ] it will be
like taking out a front page ad on the Sydney
Morning Herald [oz newspaper]....and then I can
do this and this.......

so I pointed out and explained what Sokule
actually does.....

He thought it was great and was a bit overwhelmed
but could see why I wanted to have it. I just
wanted to say Thank you for making the offer
available..  it  has been very frustrating for
me at sokule itching to do more!

..I have been doing well online but also have
an offline business so money does get stretched
to the highest priority of the moment.

Now I can "Go get um "

The Gift...Jane's Sunday Sermon

Meet Kathy Youla

Make sure you are tracking her at Sokule.

My prediction is she will become one of the
marketing powerhouses within a year.


Because she took action.


Because she was at the right place, at the right
time, and when an opportunity came along that
she wanted, she reached out and took it.

I read and reread Kathy's email...I guess
because it reminded me of how powerful one
simple step can be on the road to success
and how it can form the foundation of a
successful business off line or online.

On This Valentines's day, I hope each of
you receives a gift you really want and
can treasure over the years.

My partner, Phil, had this to say when
I read him Kathy's email.

"Well, What did you expect?
She's an Aussie!"

You go get um, Kathy.


Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc.

PS: I have 8. Yep that's it.

8 discounted Silver memberships available from
now until midnight tonight est when Valentine's
day ends and so does our Silver Special.

8 more of you can follow in Kathy's footsteps
today and gain access to all of our 31 posting
sites, save 100 per year, earn 40% comm*ission
double your sokens to 250,000...and so much

All you need to do is to sign up to Sokule

And take up the one time offer for Silver
when you see it or use the link below to
upgrade if you are already a member of
Sokule and missed the oto.

Here is the link

The real question is...
Which 8 of you will take action today?

If you want Silver instead of Diamonds on
Valentine's day then...

Use the link above. I will upgrade you
manually and add your special sokens bonus
and then....

You can start using Sokule the way it was
meant to be used...

As a powerhouse of advertising that will last a

Happy Valentine's Day.

May you get the gifts you want each and






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