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Want to write tweets (Squeaks) for peace? It's FUN!

How wonderful it is that because of technology, anyone can share a emssage of peace with someone you have never met and raise the peace consciousness of the world, one click at a time. I am a volunteer with 10 Million Clicks for Peace, which empowers you to make a measurable impact on peace with the click of a mouse.

I love how easy it is to see my own peace impact with the free peace impact mete. Here's mine. You can get one just like it.

See my Peace Impact

One of the simple actions for peace you can take is to tweet for peace.

Since I'm part of SoKule, I SQUEAK for peace first, and the message spreads all around.

This empowers me and YOU to send out a daily tweet to followers and add to your measurable peace impact. Today, I am playing at writing 100 peace tweets the organization can share, and I invite you to play!


here's an example of a tweet I sent to people who follow me:

Ronda Del Boccio TheStoryLady

@thestorylady/fans A Click Here is a Click for Peace http://10mc.org?t=20070 click & RT

Feel free to DS (DM) me to give me your tweet to add to the list - and thank you!


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