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Power List Marketing INSTRUCTIONS. Making the most of THIS INCREDIBLE SYSTEM


We have had thousands of new members in just 6 days. Some quick instructions on making the most of this system and using it to explode your list. 

Whatever you are advertising - you can use Power List to build your list at the same time.
No matter if it is a blog, an M.LM or Matrix or ANYTHING at all.
What you do is grab your normal affiliate link - and use it to create a new POWER LIST LINK.
the effect of this is huge.
You instantly get a "hover" opt in box that allows you to capture names and email addresses from everyone that clicks on your links.
This is an example.
here is a Power List Link - as if someone was advertising Google - but look at the capture page that appears.

This allows you to gather names and emails from every source you can find.
Frank Bauer (owner of Viral URL) did a video showing how you could even gather names and email addresses by sending out funny photos on twitter with this system.

so... in sequence,
Create a LIST (opt in area). This is the design of the OPT IN BOX
Create autoresponder messages (this step is voluntary - but massively beneficial as it automates your marketing to your list)
Create Links - and connect them to the list
Create Success Pages (this step is voluntary too - but is free advertising so... hey!!)
Then - BLAST YOUR NEW LINKS OUT INTO THE WORLD through every facet you can find.

When anyone clicks on your links - they will not only go to the original page you were advertising, but will also see your opt in box as well, and potentially join your list.
Our members are reporting phenomenal opt in rates - with 20% being about the standard.
One member is adding 90 people a day to her list, and she is just doing here normal advertising. That is HUGE.
That creates a list of over 30,000 people in just one year.
Imagine being able to mail to 30,000 whenever you wanted to... without credits or anything else required!

Some of the benefits of upgrading are huge.
The first of these is the ability to add HTML, Graphics and VIDEO to your opt in forms.
This was shown to TRIPLE Opt in rates in our tests.
You saw the link above....
This is the type of link that can be created by Diplomat Members and above.

Also -
Higher level members get to mail to random members of the site - up to 3000 every 3 days (that alone is worth hundreds per year)
They get to create more than one list
Add in more Autoresponder messages
Create more Success Pages and
Earn credits for Success Page views from more than one level.

Founding Member get extra special treatment.
They are instantly at the Presidential Membership level for life.
They get 500,000 Mailing Credits and 500,000 Success Page Credits.
And - coming soon - they get their own profile page on the site - that emails all members whenever it is updated.
They also get their own offer as a permanent placement in the autoresponder of the site, so that every member that joins will receive the offer from the Founding Member (huge value) and a lot more.

I hope that helps.
Please let me know if you have any further queries.

Kind Regards
Power List Marketing



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