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This Just In Sokule Mobi is Live Today
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This Just In Sokule Mobi is Live Today


We never want you to be without Sokule.

Take him now whereever you are.

* New Today*
Sokule Mobi is Live Today!

Now you can post right from your phone,
any phone, whereever you are and whenever
you want to.

It won't cost you a phone call.
It won't cost you a dime.

If you have internet access on your phone,
you can post from Sokule to all of our 31
posting sites right from your phone.

You can post to Twitter and Facebook and My Space
and all of the 28 Social Media sites from
whereever you are in the world.

1 mobi click and you're done!

Gone are those whopping bills that you
get when you tweet from your phone at
Twitter. Your squeeks at Sokule are fr*ee
and they will end up on Twitter from Sokule.

How kule is that!

If you are not yet a member of Sokule, now
is the time to hop on board.


m.sokule.com is a simplified version of
Sokule. We can't load the whole site up
or it would take forever so we took the
parts that are a must have and they are
there for you to use right now.

I am gobsmacked!

Coming up next will be applications to add
to your phone for Sokule. Those will take
a little time to get in place as adding
an icon is a bit different for each type
of phone.

Sokule is growing up now.
He doesn't know it yet, but there is still
so much more to explore.

Stay tuned into Sokule.

He is going to roam the planet in ways
you have not even dreamed up yet.


Go Get Um


Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS One of our Founding Members, Walter Bayliss,
just made a fabulous video about Sokule and
it's on You Tube. It is filled with info on
how to use Sokule and it is on his new site
that he just launched called Power List Mailer.


It is a list mailer so you know I love it,
but more then that you can get 200,000 or
300,000 sokens from Sokule just by upgrading
at his new site and you will find out how
to collect these sokens in the members area
of Power List Marketing.

Check it out here


I have added it to the advertising tools in
Sokule so you can add your id for it once
you join sokule


Be  sure to watch this video Walter made
about Sokule and give it a 5 Star rating.
I did. I know you will find it informative
on some of the ways to use Sokule effectively.




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