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Frank Salinas and Jon Atwood Just Launched A Gifting Sensation!

Frank and Jon are absolute geniuses!

They've created a concept that will
truly revolutionalize the way we do
business online!

Here's an incredible way to build an
instant list
that explodes your
conversions by giving out FREE gifts!

... But what happens if you don't have
your own gifts to give out?

That's why Frank and Jon designed
this the way they did, because even if
you don't have anything
to offer from
you personally..

... You do from ALL contributors of
List Effects!

But how can this be?

Easy.. our crazy friends Frank and Jon
have created this insane concept that
allows you to build an instant viral list
by giving away totally free gifts!

Upgrade to be able to instantly email
6,000 members
right way!

This truly is a unique, new system that
will build your list, allow you to email
them 10 levels deep, and at the same
time earn insane commissions by giving
out free gifts!

Join right now, and give some free gifts
right now!


All the best,

Jaye Pause & Brad Webb


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