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Internet Marketing Tips For Martians
Internet Marketing Tips For Martians my favourite internet marketing martian
When I needed some downtime from my internet marketing over the weekend, I opted for some old school videos and my feet up on the couch!
One of the shows I used to love when I was a kid was called...
'My Favourite Martian'...
  it first aired in September of 1963 (well before my time....lol) on CBS and was probably one of the first sitcoms with a "bizarre" or fantasy premise to emerge in the early to mid 1960's. Dont know what Im talking about? Check out this quick clip...   [youtube]http://youtu.be/qOAj-DfJpRg[/youtube]   I know, I know - you're probably thinking.... 'you actually used to like that?' the sad but true answer is yes....lol Are you wondering what Martians have to do with internet marketing? Well I'll get to that soon.... Seen the news lately? Nasa's £1.6 billion planetary explorer, Curiosity, has been in the news a lot recently... Beaming back incredible images from Mars. Here are some awesome facts about the red planet:
  • The red appearance of Mars is caused by iron oxide, or rust, as it is commonly known.
  • The two moons of Mars are named Phobos (fear) and Deimos (panic_ after the horses than pulled the chariot of the Greek god of War.
  • If you weigh 150lb on Earth, you will weigh 57lb on Mars.
  • The average temperature on Mars is minus 63C.
  • Belief in Martians was fuelled by a claim in 1877 that canals had been discovered on its surface.
  • The month of March is named after Mars, the God of War, probably because the Roman battle season began in Spring.
  • Mars has the biggest volcano in the solar system, Olympus Mons, which is large enough to cover Spain and three times the height of Mount Everest.
So What do Martians have to do with Internet Marketing? Internet Marketing MartiansWell nothing really but.... Seeing as we're talking about Mars... How about an offer that's out of this world? See what I did there? and you doubted me! If you feel like a Martian when it comes to your online business I can help! Last Monday I told you about my latest release 'Tech Challenge SOS' designed to help beginners like you build the confidence and basic skills you need so you can progress to the next stage in your online business. If you find yourself looking for someone to help you either on the forums but you're not getting the quick response you want, or if you find yourself spending a little too much on freelancers to help you, then you'll want to pay close attention to see how this concise video course will help you out. Let's face it, people are busy with their own work and unless you've got cash for their time they're not going to be willing to attend to you right away. Also... [box color="green-vibrant" type="square" icon="asterisk"]If you're relying on professionals to handle your websites and maintenance all the time you'll be eating into your profits. Tweet It![/box] You will also find yourself stuck when they're not around. Not great! So if you want to bring your space ship back down to Earth and TAKE CONTROL of your business, grab yourself a copy of this course. Take your online business by the wheel and steer it in the right direction without ever getting yourself stuck on the basic tasks again! You can watch over my shoulder as I show you how to accomplish basic marketer & webmaster tasks so you'll NEVER need to rely on someone else again! Then you can have a Mars Bar....lol Before I go.... The world record for the most Mars bars eaten in five minutes is 38. That's pretty disgusting... this isn't To infinity and beyond! See you on Tutorial Wednesday.... Stay coolies till then ;) Kym-Robinsons-Blog-Signature           join in the conversation by leaving a comment and if you liked todays post, how about sharing it with your friends? all the buttons are below for your convenience – thanks in advance!


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