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11-26-2012GABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRTU by Walter Paul Bebirian
11-26-2012GABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRTU by Walter Paul Bebirian

I often wonder from time to time if anyone else wonders - just how many different directions life on earth - life in our country and life for me might have take if any of the inventions that have been made were not made such as money - gasoline from oil that was used in lamps to light people's homes or the electric light bulb - roads - bridges - telephones - computers - internet - blogs - any or all of these things not being here would certainly be different yes - but on the flip side of the coin there are an infinite number of inventions that could and will still be made if the inventions that are not here at the present time do not distract our society our species and our individual minds from seeing these other possibilities that are there and someone somewhere or a group of someones somewhere or everybody for that matter latches onto these new ideas as soon as they arrive allow them to flourish and most definitely as well prevent them from being hindered by any monetary considerations that may or may not come along with their adoptions - this last point in the equation is the most important consideration because who in their right mind would like to see all of the wonderful things that we have today or those things that we might have go away if for some reason there is not enough money circulating amongst the people in our society to even consider making such a purchase - think long and hard on this and realize just how stifled we are as a human race - does a bird flying in the sky have to limit his or her possibilities because of the money or lack thereof which they have in their possession? Do we have the ability with our advanced minds to now go beyond the limitations that the current monetary systems have brought us to in each of the different countries throughout the world? Do think long and hard on this and I certainly hope that one of you out there reading this - and that includes myself - comes up with a better - more productive answer or solution that will bring our society - our world - our abilities - capabilities and our growth as a society way beyond where we could ever possibly get with the way things are!


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