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This Just in Only 50 available New Today
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 This Just in Only 50 available New Today

This Just in at Sokule

Breaking News...

*New Today*

Your Bio Featured.

Just 50 being offered
3 went out the door while I was writing this
to you.

Here's what up.


Get you Bio featured on our most visited page,
our login page.


Get Your Ad featured right in front of
our paying members on our Keword Alerts Page.

This is an email sent daily to our paying
Sokule members who are monitoring keywords
at Sokule and Twitter

Only 50 spots available.

3 disappeared while I was writing this email.

You must be a member of Sokule to get your
Featured Bio Ad so if you are not, drop
everything and sign up now in 30 seconds.


Log in and go settings.

Set up your bio first which is short and easy.

Then run to the Advertise on Sokule box
in the members area and get one of the 47
spots left.

Here is how it works.

When you purchase a featured Bio ad, Sokule
automatically grabs your picture and your
short bio from your Sokule members area and
inserts it in rotation in two places.

You get right onto:

Our Login Page which is one of most visited pages.

And Our Keyword alerts email page which gets
right into the email box of our Paying members.

Many of our members get Keyword Alerts sent
to them each day for Sokule and Twitter and
this new bio feature will appear right smack
at the top of the Keyword alerts email kind of
like a Top Sponsor ad.

Why is that so important to you?

Because the people who are receiving keyword
alerts are all paying members of Sokule and
that means the eyeballs, that see your featured
bio, are people who are not afraid to take a
Quid out of their pocket and spend it.

Get my drift here?
Nice place for you to be featured, right?

And of course people log into Sokule sometimes
10 to 20 times a day each to make posts so
you ARE going to get noticed.

You are the only featured bio on the page.
Believe me, people are going to see you

By the way you can change this ad at any time
right in your members area by simply changing
your bio in settings.

This puts you in complete control of your
featured bio ad.

That's the Good News

Here's the BAD

These ads are very limited.
Because these ads rotate, we are limiting them
to 50 people only at any one time.

The first 50 of you who grab one will get our
introductory prices on this.

As I said, three are gone as I am tying this
email to you.

Become instantly visible on Sokule
Grab your Featured bio now.


You can purchase your spot right in the members
area at the box that reads

"Advertise on Sokule"

Sokule, The Gentle Giant never sleeps.

He is working for you 24/7 to get you the exposure
you need for your business.

So you have your marching orders for today
Don't let these spots get away from you.

Order one today.

They are going for a song right now.

Go get um.


Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS: Two things I know for sure

First: Our Discounted founding memberships at
Sokule will be gone by March 9th. Only 72
out of 500 are still available.

Why will they all be gone?

Because we have a featured speaking spot
at a conference in San Francisco on March 8th
with all the big players in the mobile field
and in the World of Social Media.

Sokule is being featured as one of 9 start ups
that are making noise on the net.

You can read about it here

We will be among 9 start ups that will be
show cased at the event.

Yelp, Digg, Qik, Zynga, Cooliris, Sokule, Mozes,
Planet 9 Studios

We have only 72 discounted founding positions
left right now and they will all be gone after this
conference and you will miss out.

Make sure,if you can swing it, you upgrade to
founder in the members area of Sokule.

The price will go way up for the next 1000
offered and we will never sell more then a total
of 1500 founding membershipt to sokule at any price.
You pay once and that's it you have access
to every application we have at Sokule now
and will add in the future.

You ea8rn our highest commissions at

6 months to a year from now, you will not
be able to get a Sokule founding position
for love or for money or by begging or even
offering to marry me:)

I am giving you fair warning.
We know where Sokule is headed and we want
you there by our side.

Gt your founding membership upgrade in the
members area of Sokule

or email me for more information at

The second thing I know is...

That our featured bio ad spots will be gone
before you turn around.

They are dirt cheap now so grab one.

Whoops! There goes another one.







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