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Playing with DOlphins: the Best Adventure EVER!

One of the most popular profile images I've ever used (I rotate them) is the one of me kissing a baby dolphin. His name was Schooner, and it was love at first sight.

 I met Schooner at Discovery Cove Orlando late last April. All my life I have wanted to swim with dolphins. Since I was going to Florida for a seminar, I decided to take the big adventure for which my heart had yearned. Even though I didn't have a companion, I went anyway.

Now, you have to realize that I'm mostly blind, and getting around in a strange place when you can't read signs or see far ahead is a challenge. And I have my guide dog, who isvery helpful but can't read signs either! I had nowhere to leave the dog and was faced with needing to have her with me. I don't know if you've thought about it, but n adventure park isn't the best place for a service animal.

 The folks at Discovery Cove were so wonderful. They had a trainer named Maya go around the park with me all through the day to help me get around. She even held onto Molly while I went into the aviary. (Yes, dog + bird = trouble, so wisely, nobody lets service dogs into aviaries).

My dolphin adventure began the day, and what an amazing start! The dolphins are very well tended. If they do not want to go out to meet the people, they do not have to go out. Nobody forces them. I learned  from Maya that some dolphins prefer the morning, and some prefer to go out in the afternoon. The creatures at Discovery Cove and their sister park Sea World are so well tended that they can more than double the typical lifespan they could expect in the wild.

Baby Schooner and I had a brief but powerful love affair. Holding him in my hands, as you see in the picture, captivated me like nothing else. I gave him a kiss, and he wasn't ready to go back down into the water. So I gave him another kiss. I would have happily spent much more time with him, but alas, others needed to have their close encounter as well.

The big fellow I'm hugging in another picture is named Lester, and he's about my age, which is a LOT for a dolphin.  It looks like he's smiling in the picture. Again, I could have stayed and communed for hours. Lester also kindly took me for a much-too-short ride. It was the ride of a lfietime, over in seconds, but great fun.

I opted to purchase the photos, and I am so glad I did.

Dolphins make me think of peace and harmony. Yes, they're not always peacefull. They have their scraps, but humans do much worse at times. When you have an intimate encounter with such wonderful creatures, the feeling of communion transforms you. The power and wisdom dolphins can share with humans has the power to teach our race a thing or two about connection and peace.

So enjoy the video. I would also ask you to give it a rating and pass it along to someone who needs a smile.

 And I also hope you'll drop by the site for my upcoming book, The Peace Seed  Also look for a chance to contribute a gift for a peace giveaway!

In peace, 

Ronda Del Boccio, the Story Lady


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