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Make something happen for YOU today
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Make something happen for YOU today

I know that many of you feel that you are
spinning your wheels on the net when you
join a program and nothing happens.

And nothing happens...

And still nothing happens.

It's enough to make anyone want to
pull the covers up and give up in

There are many ways to make your marketing
successful on line and never just one way
to get to where you want go.

Making it Easy.

Let's try to simplify the marketing process for
you and see if we can help you to make
something happen for you right now today.

We are all Shoppers.

We do it almost everyday somewhere and the
place we shop most often is generally the...

Super market

When you go to the super market to shop
usually you go with a list of stuff you
need, right?

You get in the door.

You follow your list but then over there
at the doorway right before you leave is
some enticing object that you either forgot
you needed or really never needed but it looks
good so you buy it.

Super Markets are all about making sure
you keep tripping over a lot of choices
that might interest you even if you didn't
think didn't know you needed it when you
got to the front door:)

So what does that have to do with marketing
online or running a business online?

Here, let me give you an example.

Many of you may belong to Sokule which is
probably the best advertising site we have
developed to date.


When you go into your members area of
Sokule, there is a box that says advertising

In that box, are a number of tools that we
we have tested and know that they are good
reponsive advertising tools. Many are giving
away sokens at Sokule.

So we made it possible for you to join them
and use them and also put your affiliate link
in them so that, when you tell people about
Sokule, you are also telling them about the
advertising tools that you are using to
promote with.

Some of the people who join you at Sokule
are going to sign up and use those tools
and they are going to sign up under your
affiliate link.

So Bottom Line

You invite someone to join you at a site
in this case, Sokule.

They joined you because they have an interest
in Sokule but they also need advertising tools
in order to promote Sokule or any other
business effectively.

So even if one of the advertising tools
was not on their original shopping list
they may be interested in it and take a look.

Instead of selling one site at a time, you
are selling a number of sites and you get
a number of bites at the apple.

We call this synergy advertising or piggyback

Whenever you can advertise one site and make
sales at other sites at the same time, do it.

You can also do this at Kule Track

If you want to make something happen for you
use advertising sites that can get you where
you want to go and that have many roads by
which you can get there.

Get the picture?


Jane Mark
JPE advertising
Sokule, Inc
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