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Like an Old Shoe Jane's Sunday Sermon
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Like an Old Shoe Jane's Sunday Sermon

Phil and I are off on a whirlwind speaking
and planning trip for the next few weeks.

It involves a lot of packing, ugh.

Phil was trying on some fancy shoes yesterday
and making all sorts of faces about having
to bring them with him and kept going
back to the old shoes sneaking them into
his suitcase thinking I wouldn't notice.

I noticed:)

Like an Old Shoe  Jane's Sunday Sermon

Old shoes usually fit better then new ones.

They are more comfortable.

They are more familiar.

They are like a piece of home when you are 

So I can't say as I blame Phil for trying to
stuff those old shoes into his suitcase but...

We are going to pal around with some big time
players, in our field, and sometimes old
shoes just won't do.

Leaving Your Comfort Zone

In business, it is often necessary to get
out of your comfort zone and try something

If you get stuck in a rut and keep doing
what you are doing, you will keep getting
the same results.

If you happy with those results. That's fine
Bring the old shoes with you:)

But, if you are like most of us, you want
to grow your business all the time and
keep ahead of the curve and know where your
field is going.

Where are we Going?

The field of marketing is moving in a new
direction fast and if you are not on the
train when it pulls out of the station,
you are going to be looking around and
waving to no one.

The marketing and advertising field is
moving and growing and it is going in the
direction of Social Media sites that expose
your business in a new way.

Some of the old leather soles you are used
to are still there but the toes are not so
pointy and the heels are lower and the
colors not so loud.

Look at the new sites that are making some
noise on the net.

They are not your Grandmother's Social media
sites as I am fond of saying:)

They are not your traditional mailers
although you need those as part of your
advertising arsenal.

They are not Google ad words
Marketers are getting banned left and right
from Google ad words.

They are not simply traffic hits to your site
where there is activity but no real revenue

What they are is Social media sites rising
to the surface as the new way that you make
business contacts: a new place to advertise,
a new way to advertise

No longer can you stay anonymous and be
taken seriously.

No longer can you pump out ad after ad and
have people line up to follow you.

People are demanding more contact with
a business owner. They are demanding more
quality when they spend their hard earned
dollars and they are requiring you to lower
your voice and tell them the truth.

Hype is out of fashion just like 5 inch

Here is how I look at it

There are some great sites and great programs
out there but it is your obligation to do
three things before you join them

1) Do your homework and try them out and
tell people the truth about the results
you get

2) Be prepared to work at any site you join
and not sit on your tush and think that
others will do the work for you. Ain't
gonna happen. You either learn to recruit
successfully yourself or pay others to do
it for you.

3) Join sites that are  forward looking
and made to take your business forward over
the next decade not the next two days.

So Where are these sites that offer you
new techniques, new ways to connect, new
ways to advertise and new revenue streams.

Here are the three that fascinate me


The first is Sokule of course.

I am getting better advertising results from
this one site then I does from all the lists
that Phil and I have developed over time
and, while those lists are great and filled
with subscribers I love, I can reach more
people all over the world with just one
post at Sokule then I can when I mail to
half a million list members.


The Second site is Giblink.

This is a three year old Social media site
that is specifically designed to link up
businesses with one another and offers
a revenue stream at the same time.
This is a tested site which constantly produces


The third is a new Social Media site called
Swom  that Sokule is partnering with because
it compliments what we do at Sokule with
a really nice group join feature where you
can get the help you need for any program
you are involved in on the net


In fact, I like this one so much I am offer
500,000 Sokens at Sokule for anyone who
joins and upgrades under my link. You can
see that offer below

Can you join these sites for fr*ee?

The answer is yes.

Will that do you much good?

The answer is no.

There are no free rides in any business on
the net.

These three sites each have powerful elements
to them that you can access only as a paid
member. That paid membership in each can
produce a great revenue stream for you
month after month in addition to the promotions
you do for you own business

But...you need to join these revenue machines
as a paid member.

I know it is very comfortable for many
people to join everything they see as
a free member. It's kind of like that old
shoe we were talking about. It fits. You
risk nothing.

You also gain very little if anything.

Time to step out of your comfort zone.

Time to meet the new decade.

Time to leave the old shoes at home and put
a new shine on your business.

The above three sites are quality sites with
real business models that can work for you
for years to come.

Join them
Learn them
Use them to promote your own business
Ea*rn commissions from them


Go get um


Jane Mark
JPE Advertising
Sokule Inc

PS. Sokule Meets Swom.

I like this new Social media site so
much that I am offering a really way out
bonus for those who join under my link
and upgrade. The upgrade is affordable
and you can ea*rn it back in a heart beat

Here's the deal. You can't lose here.

Sokens bonus-500,000 of them Value 635.00

Upgrade to gold at Swum under my link today


Email me your full name, your Sokule username
your payment receipt to Swum to:


Please allow 24 to 48 hours for your sokens
to arrive in your account. This bonus is
for those who upgrade under my link and who
do it by march 8th at midnight est.







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