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I have a Gift For You
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I have a Gift For You

It's Monday morning.

Sokule is feeling his oats.

He is going nuts and giving away Sokens.

Will The Following People Please check
their Sokule members area now!

Tom Haley earnincome
Willie Crawford williec
Jeananne Whitmer  jawsie1951
Janet Legere janetlegere
David Winter ebiz007
Nina Spelman jkspel

Take a look in the right hand corner
of your members area.

You are going to see this

"You've Got A gift
Click here to Claim it"

* New Today*

You can now give away Sokens to other
members of Sokule.

Is it their Brithday?
Do you simply want to say thank you for
Tracking You or Signing Up Under You.
Got a special person, you want to meet at Sokule?
Want to induce someone to upgrade under you?

Send them some Sokens as a gift.

They will remember you.

Here is how that works

Go to the box that says "Sokens" down
towards the bottom left of your first set
of boxes.

You will see we added a new feature
It says "Give Sokens"

You can give any amount of sokens to
anyone in the Sokule community.

All you need to know is their username
You pop it in
Pop in the number of sokens you want to
give them.
Hit click to transfer Sokens now

A fabulous link will appear in their members
area that says

"You've Got A gift
Click here to Claim it"

That link will stay there for 7 days.
If they don't claim it, it will go back into
your Sokens account.

Pretty nifty, right?

Tell someone today you care about them today

Give them a gift of Sokens
They last longer then flowers:)


Go get Um


Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS: If you have not as yet joined Swom
run, don't walk and get in there.


Nina Spelman is running a fabulous group
on Sokule over at Swom and you can get your

questions answered and meet other Sokule members

there Join Swom. Hop into the Sokule group and
start learning. I drop in as often as I can
I just love what Nina is doing and you will

And if you join under my link today and
upgrade you will get a whopping 500,000
sokens which you can use to track people
at Sokule or give some away as a gift to
induce people to upgrade under you.

It's magic

Here is how you collect your Soken when you
upgrade at Swom under my link

Sokens bonus
Upgrade to gold at Swom under my link today


Email me your full name, your Sokule username
your payment receipt to Swom to:


Please allow 24 to 48 hours for your sokens
to arrive in your account. This bonus is
for those who upgrade under my link and who
do it by march 8th at midnight est.





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