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Holding Your Pants up without a Belt?
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 Holding Your Pants up without a Belt?


If you don't know what has been going on at


You are flying blind without a compass
Rowing without oars
Traveling without a suitcase
Eating your soup with a fork
Feeding pigeons on the calendar

You are...

Trying to hold your pants up without a belt:)


It's the Power behind your advertising on the net.


Sokule just added two new ways for you to
build an instant list and contact that list
before the ice cubes can melt on a sweltering
day in Phoenix.

Invite contacts

*Just added* you can now invite all your
contacts from your Gmail, Yahoo, Aol and
hotmail accounts to Sokule.

They will get a wonderful invite from
Sokule on your behalf and many of them
will take it up and sign up under you.

Auto Sokens * New today*

When your new members sign up, they get
what we call Sokens which induces people
to track them at Sokule.

Trackers are like followers at Twitter.

Now Sokule makes an auto offer of Sokens
on your behalf as soon as you sign up
to Sokule.

This means that people will start to track
you the minute you sign up

You get an Instant List.
It really is that easy.

Nice huh?

Try it- you will see what I mean.



It's the glue that lets you make real contact
with real business people all over the world.

It's built for business

It's the caviar of advertising sites.

It's the belt, with a golden buckle, making
your advertising life quick, easy and
powerful for you.



Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS Be sure to join our feeder site to Sokule
and to Twitter which gets your trackers at
Sokule and followers at Twitter all at the
same time in the same place

This is a hoot nanny of a site and it's fr*ee
to join








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