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This is Not Your Grandmothers Social Media Site...
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This is Not Your Grandmothers Social Media Site...

Old Definition of a Social Media Site...

One you need to log into, answer emails
post this to one and that to the other.

At the end of the day you may have done
a lot of logging in and who ha-ha-ing but
what have you accomplised?

My guess is not much.

A follow here, a post there, a new photo
shot somewhere else and then what?

By the time you finish, you are exhausted,
grumpy and just plain fed up.

Am I right?

Those days are gone.

You log in once
You make 1 post
You click once

Your message is all over the net in a nano second.

You can post to Twitter and facebook and Myspace
and 29 other Social Media sites instantly.

You can add images and videos and graphics to
your posts

Your posts can be as long as you like

This is not your Grandmother's Social Media Site

It's Sokule


Changing the way people do business on the net.

Join the Sokule Revolution now.
You'll be so glad you did.


Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS: Did I mention that you can get paid to
get people to track you at Sokule. Life's
a breeze at Sokule. We do all the work for


Be sure to join our feeder site to Sokule
and to Twitter which gets your trackers at
Sokule and followers at Twitter all at the
same time in the same place

This is a hoot nanny of a site and it's fr*ee
to join


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