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Lakes, Snowdrops, Plum Jam and "Queen Bee" ?
Hi there everyone,

Alex here.

How's it going?

The Snow has thawed, here in our Bulgarian village, and the fields have

turned into lakes, our garden path has become a river, but the snowdrops

are in full bloom, and the birds are still singing.

I've been invited to a New Giveaway event,and I thought you might like to

know about it,It's expected to attract as many as 200,000 visitors, so

it's a great way to grow your list.

I myself, expect to get a lot of new members, in just a few days.

Sophie the promoter asked if I knew anyone who'd like to join in.So if

you'd like to give it a go ,you'll find all the "by Invite Only" private

JV details here:


Kick-Off is Monday 22nd February.

Oh sorry I forgot to mention,It's called "Queen Bee JV"

Have Fun!

P.S.Just in case you're new to giveaways,and a bit aprehensive to try,

this really has been made very easy to set up.Once you've done one you'll

be hooked they're great fun.

Going off to make Plum jam now, using the plums I froze earlier in the

year, need to make some room in the freezer for other things.



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