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And That's That Jane's Sunday Sermon

And That's That Jane's Sunday Sermon

Hi [fname]

Remember last week, I introduced you
to a talking dog?

Well that is NOT the only talking dog
that exists in the world

I happen to have one.
His name is Cuddles.

You can meet him here.


He has a jingle he goes around saying
He learned it from my partner, Phil

It goes like this.

I'm chasing the cat
I'm chasing the cat
I'm chasing the cat
And that's that!

He says it with great gusto and a
swagger in his step.

He says it right before he grabs my cat,
Winnie the Pooh, by the scruff of the neck
and drags him all over the house.

Cuddles thinks Winnie is a squeaky toy
and, every time Winnie Squeals, Cuddles wags
his tail with delight.

I keep telling Winnie, he has to talk back
but so far no luck:)

And That's That. Jane's Sunday Sermon

Sometimes you need to chase the cat.

For those of you who are animal lovers,
you will know what I mean when I say there
is always an Alpha Dog in a pack or an
Alpha cat in a herd.

Believe it or not, there are alpha people too.

That's someone who takes control of the
situation and you know them immediately
by, well, let's just say, the swagger in
their step.

You know the one I mean.

The person who lights up a room when they
walk into it.

The person who grabs the biggest megaphone
when it is available.

The last one standing at a party or gathering
when all others have long since grown tired
or bored.

On the net, you know them by the impact they
have and their ability to get noticed when
most remain invisible and anonymous.

Today it is time to stop chasing your tail
and to take control of your own gallop.

There is one place on the net where you can:

Build a list of warm prospects fast
Mail to that list
Get your own business noticed
Post to Twitter and 15 other Social Media sites
from just one place
Ping the Weblogs and make Google sit up and
take notice and scream for mercy

One place where you can plan your own
party and be the star of it.

One place you can pocket that green stuff
each and every Friday.

One place where you can design your own destiny.


If you are not using it to get your own
business noticed, you are getting buried
in an overwhelming web of endless sites
and opportunities.

Sokule...It's Your One Stop Advertising
site and there is nothing like it on the


I am using Sokule to advertise one of our
other sites on the net called, Croc Ads,
The sign ups to that site have increased
over the last month by 21% over last year
at this time and the conversions have
increased by 33% in one month. That's
pretty nifty.

I did that by doing one thing
Take a look
I put a graphic of Croc Ads up on my
Sokule postit page


Don't tell me you can't do this
I am a complete tech idiot and here is
how I did it.

I went to the graphic of Croc Ads
I right clicked on my mouse and went
to "save picture as"
It asked me for the file name
I named it Croc Ads
It asked me "save type as"
I selected JPEG (*jpg)
I hit save.

It really is that easy
2 seconds and you have the image saved to
your desktop

Then you simply go into the Sokule members
area to the box that says "Add text/image
ads Video"

You browse your desktop
You choose the image you just saved
You add a url in the box provided and
Bingo! It appears on your Sokule postit

You can do this with the image or logo
for any site you are advertising. Try
it and see what I mean.

Yes, there is a catch.
You must be an upgraded member of Sokule
to use this function meaning you must
be a bronze member or higher to use this
feature at Sokule.

Do you know what the cost is?
5 bucks a month for bronze members

And fr.ee for Silver, Gold and Founding

Wouldn't you pay 5 bucks to increase
your sign ups and your conversion rates?

Sounds cost effective to me.

So now let me end this with my own jingle
Sorry Cuddles and Phil, this one is mine.

Stop chasing your tail
Stop chasing your tail
Stop chasing your tail
And you cannot fail.

Oaky so I won't win Poet Laureate:)

And That's That.

Have a great Sunday


Jane Mark
JPE Advertising
Sokule, Inc



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