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This Cycler Ads A Punch! Like Jane Mark says "Scrambled Adz Brings Home The Bacon"!

10DollarAdz is a kind of a "straight-line cycler" with some important innovations. Every 14 days there's a "Scramble." This gives everyone an equal chance to get paid. Some more innovations are in the pipeline.

You can buy $10 "Ad Positions." When it's your turn to get paid, you get back your $10 and a new position in the cycler. The new position pays out another $10, and gets you another re-entry. This continues indefinitely. So you can put in $10 and get back an indefinte stream of $10 payments! You can also put in multiples of $10 to get higher returns.

From time to time, 10Ddollaradz Admin buys Ad Positions to "prime the pump" and speed up cycling.  Each timethe "admin" spots come up the earned funds are placed back into the line in effect doubling those positions every time they cycle so this can become huge and people will scramble to get in before the Admin cycles in order to get in front of the wave.

Referral fees are 5% -- $0.50 for each $10 purchase and you receive that over and over again every time anyone you refer cycles and gets a re-enty.

So Grab your spot now before the admin repurchases and before we perform our first scramble and you just might end up in the #1 Position!  The more spots you have the better your odds.


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