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Joint Ventures RULE!Add This Hidden Source of Power to Your Business for Exponentially More Profitable Results

Adding an income stream from Joint Ventures
to your consulting business is a proven
business model that has been described as...

'The most comprehensive and results-producing
marketing and business development system in
the world today!'

By arranging joint ventures between the clients
that you already have, you will literally
increase your own income in HUGE ways!

In fact, you're likely to even feel like you're
making money out of thin air. Because you are!

Let's just say you help your client bring in an
EXTRA $100,000 in sales. Its money the client
never would have had if you hadn't been in the

How likely would the client be to pay you 20%
of that $100,000 – in other words, $20,000 –
in return for your help in putting $80,000
in the client's hands?

Pretty likely, right? I mean, the client still
gets to keep $80,000 that they would never have
it wasn't for your efforts.

So of course, the client's going to GLADLY give
you $20,000!

o why aren't you setting up deals left and
right even today?

Probably for the same reason that I didn't dive
into arranging joint ventures...because I had no
clue how to find the partners and do the deals.

That's all changed for me now, and one of my clients,
Glen, said to me, "You're amazing! I never
would have thought of the things you're
doing for me!"

I'm really excited about the joint ventures I've
been arranging for clients. Joint Venture facilitation
is a form of magic. Amazing connections happen,
deals are made, and all parties and the
people we serve WIN in a big way.

You can get started setting up deals right now!

n fact, in this new report, you'll even learn
just where to find deals waiting for you to
step in and uncover the hidden cash when you
download this new, explosive guide!

Inside, you'll also learn ...
How to become a 7-figure JV Marketing Consultant

* Why Joint Venture Marketing is the perfect
consulting business

* How existing and aspiring consultants can profit
from Joint Ventures

$ What are the biggest opportunities still to come
for joint venture marketing consultants?

* Finding hidden assets in client's businesses and
leveraging them to make six and seven figures per

* The amazing opportunity as a joint venture
marketing consultant and why only 5% of successful
consultants know how to use this secret

* A comprehensive, step-by-step methodology which
guarantees the growth of your clients' businesses
using joint ventures.

* Being able to offer a suite of services suitable
for ANY business from start-ups without budget,
to multi-million pound organisations.

* A 'REAL' blueprint for you to replicate that can
get you up and running with your first six or seven
figure jv consulting project within 30 days.

* Systems which build residual incomes, so you earn
money even when you sleep.

* A business that can be operated from home or a
small office with little or no overhead

* How to get the training that will give you the
skills and confidence to succeed

If you want a business that has every one of these
elements, then download your copy today. It's as
simple as that.

The ebook normally goes for $27, but today there is a
special offer. I can't tell you what that is,
because it starts out way low and goes up 5 cents
every half hour.

So RUSH to the link below and secure your copy ASAP,
because the sooner you make a positive decision to
rock your biz, the lower your investment will be.

--> http://bit.ly/jvbook

Ronda Del Boccio, the Story Lady

Take action right now to guarantee the lowest price
possible! Don't miss out!

--> http://bit.ly/jvbook

(Yes, you can even earn your investment back right away,
so you've got no excuse not to claim your copy of
this book right away!



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